Rama Garden Cottage – Legian, Bali, Indonesia

Rama Garden Cottage
Legian, Bali, Indonesia

Located in the heart of Legian with close access to the beach the Rama Garden offers guests the chance to get to know the small staff and take advantage of all the Kuta / Legian area has to offer at an affordabel price.

  • Atmosphere
    Occupancy at the Rama Garden right now is 52 % that is a lot better than other hotels around. The atmosphere here is of a small 3-star hotel that caters to mainly Australian tourists here for a week or two. The hotel is fronted by a restaurant and bar and is next to a 24 hour Mini Market that can be a plus or minus depending on your point of view. The bar / restaurant area can be a little noisy with the music going and the interior section of the restaurant feels a little dark with a combination of standard and Japanese style low tables.

    Out back the 2-storey rooms overlook the central pool which is pleasant. The manager and staff are friendly, the younger staff may seems a little shy buy the older ones are outgoing.

  • Location
    The Rama Garden is located on Jalan Padma off of Jalan Legian, the main north-south street in the area. Jalan Padma is packed with mid range hotels that cater to Australian tourists including families and solo travelers. Along the are plentiful places to eat, drink, send e-mail and buy souvenirs. The beach is very close by, only 150 meters.

    This area is a hive of activity and Kuta is close by too, only about 10-15 minutes walk. The restaurants and nightlife of Seminyak are roughly the same in the opposite direction.

  • Luxury Scale
    This hotel is rated a 3-star and comes equipped with restaurant, bar, pool and each room has fridge and TV. The rooms come in 2 classes, Superior and Deluxe but aren’t that fancy. The Deluxe room has a nice large 4-poster bed. Each room overlooks the pool and has either a small balcony or porch.



  • Staff Friendliness
    The staff wear traditional outfits and are friendly. I talked to the manager Redianis who was very helpful and a staff member called Made who came over to chat and was very nice. The staff feel they have a family environment and get to know the guests.
  • Weird Stuff
    There is a traditional fishing boat on display in front of the restaurant, also there are 3 sections to the restaurant, the patio section next to the street, the inside section which is in front of the bar and the rear section which features an oriental like low table. The rear section appears dark and ancient.
  • What makes this hotel unique?
    The main selling points of this hotel are its location, close to the beach, surrounded by traveler friendly services and easy access to Kuta and Seminyak.

    Staff friendliness is highly rated too with a ‘family atmosphere’ existing between staff and guests.

  • Why would you want to stay here?
    I would stay here if I wanted close access to Legian beach and the scene around Padma and Jalan Legian. The standard here is above that of a guest house but not close to that of a resort. If having a pool to relax in along with a restaurant and small friendly staff this might be the ticket. For short term visitors on a school vacation or with a family the Rama Garden will offer a good base.
  • Why would you want to stay somewhere else?
    I’d stay somewhere else if cost was my priority and I didn’t want the crowded street scene outside the hotel. The Rama Garden being a small hotel may seem rather cramped for someone looking for that ‘resort getaway’ and having a 24 hour Mini Market next door may not be a bonus for everyone.

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