Puri Etnik offering deals in Legian Bali

Puri Etnik is a budget hotel in Legian. Situated between Jl. Melasti and Jl. Benesari, Puri Etnik is just 70 meters from the beach. Rooms are $99 per person for a 10day package including breakfast.

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The advantages of staying at this hotel are access to beach, shopping and nightlife. It may not be ‘scenicville’, or super traditional, but the area offers you a lot of creature comforts. Head down Jl. Legian and you’ll see Nero Italian restaurant, Aroma’s coffee shop, Kopi Pot and Fuel. For the older crowd, head up Jl. Legian to Peanuts, on the corner of Jl. Melasti. Puri Etnik has it owns cafe, Cafe Etnik, right on Jl. Legian, which makes a handy place to grab a bite and watch the scene.

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