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Legian Express
Legian, Bali, Indonesia
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The Legian Express is a mid range hotel centrally located in the heart of busy Legian. This small friendly hotel offers access to all the shopping and nightlife you could ask for as well as quiet cottages to escape to.

  • Atmosphere
    The Legian Express being situated on Jalan Legian with a restaurant outside seems on first impression to be a mid range place. The building that faces the street is a typical western structure that opens onto a patio next to Jalan Legian. Upon entering you will see the reception to the left, an inside restaurant in the middle and a bar area on the right side. Although this lobby area didn’t impress at first it was spacious and the bar area was neat and well stocked. I noticed traditional Balinese carved doors and panel work in the lobby and all the staff wore traditional outfits.
  • Location
    Legian Express in located on Jalan Legian about 30 meters up form the Matahari department store. As far as Legian is concerned its right in the middle affording easy access to shopping, restaurants including Ryoshi and Tepanyaki ( Japanese ), Katupat ( Indonesian ) and Mama’s ( German ).

    For nightlife there are many bars close by and nightclubs include Kama Sutra ( a few minutes walk ), Peanut Club and Bounty which are less than 5 minutes walking.

    To get to Kuta simply step out the front of the hotel and hail a cab. Kuta is literally 3-5 minutes in a taxi and the Hard Rock Café is also only a few minutes located on the beach side of Kuta.

  • Luxury Scale
    Judging the Legian Express from the street I’d say it was nothing fancy. The restaurant seems rather bare although there are traditional Balinese carved wall decorations and all the staff wear traditional outfits. The building isn’t new but as you walk through to the garden area you will see the swimming pool and lovely, well attended cottages. The pathways and flower beds are cared for and add color. The high roofs of the cottages are made with alang-alang, a natural fibre from Ubud and special bamboo from Bangli, giving a very Asian feel to the inside of the cottages.

    The rooms are spacious if not luxurious and come complete with a bathtub, tv and fridge. The cottages have traditional open air bathroom which for a foreign guest is a very pleasant surprise. There’s nothing like taking a shower being surrounded by plants while the sunlight warms you.




    The pool is small but well kept.

  • Staff Friendliness
    My host Made was extremely friendly and spent time showing me around. The staff here wear traditional outfits and are respectful. As the Legian Express is a small hotel you will have many opportunities to talk to and get to know the staff.
  • Weird Stuff
    The restaurant looks rather plain but there is some very nice Balinese carved paneling.
  • What makes this hotel unique?
    The Legian Express is strategically located in Legian right on Jalan Legian. It has access to the street side shopping of Kuta and Legian as well as the Matahari department store which is 30 meters away. Restaurants, bars and nightlclubs abound too in this area including Ryoshi ( Japanese), Mama’s ( German ) and Katupat ( Indonesian ) restaurants and Kama Sutra, Bounty and Peanuts nightclubs. To catch a taxi means only stepping out onto the street.

    The hotel is affordable and offers spacious bungalows with traditional roofs and open air bathrooms. This is a small hotel which is a good place to start your Bali travels from.

  • Why would you want to stay here?
    I would stay at this hotel if I wanted more than a guest house but less than a fancy hotel. There is a restaurant and bar on the premises together with a pool.

    I like to walk and check out the local scene so this location is pretty good. Kuta is a few minutes away, the beach is 10 minutes walk and there is an abundance of restaurants, bars and nightlife right there.

    I like the tranquil atmosphere of the cottages with the tradiutional style roofs and open air bathrooms, perfect for relaxing after exploring.

  • Why would you want to stay somewhere else?
    I might stay somewhere else if I wanted to go for the bargain basement type places, maybe somewhere on Poppies for example. If I was looking for a complete getaway with a high level of luxury the Legian Express would not fit the bill and the busy street life outside might be overwhelming for some people.

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