Jayakarta Hotel – Legian, Bali, Indonesia

Jayakarta Hotel
Legian, Bali, Indonesia

The Jayakarta is a a spacious 4-star hotel located on the beach in Legian. It affords access to the shoopping areas of Kuta without actually being in them iddle of it as well as the nightlife of Jalan Dhyana Pura. The Jayakarta is only 15-20 minutes from the airport and is a spacious place to relax.

  • Atmosphere
    The Jayakarta in Legian has spacious grounds which give a grand feeling. Strolling through the traditional style lobby with marble floors you get a feeling of a spacious place that is built for your pleasure.

    The grounds have a plentiful trees and bushes which offer shade and make the grounds seems relaxing. The central lobby opens up into to the first 2 swimming pools. The size of the grounds and swimming pools have the effect of making this place seem like a 5-star place rather than a 4-star.

    Walking around I felt little stress and went for a drink in the pool side bar which is also situated next to a restaurant.

    Down at the pool people were relaxing, enjoying the weather and partying with friends in another pool. It was a a good time however you wanted it.

  • Location
    Jayakarta is located in Legian right on the beach. The ride from the airport is about 20 minutes and access to the shopping in Kuta and party scene in Dhyana Pura is a 5 minute cab ride.

    The main street, Jalan Legian is a stroll from the hotel and a whole host of eating option exist on Jalan Padma around the corner and within a few minutes.

  • Luxury Scale
    On first inspection the Jayakarta looks to be a pretty fancy place. It is actually not a 5-star but a 4-star hotel. The spacious grounds, large central lobby, 3 swimming pools and tennis court means you will have the space you need to stretch out and relax.

    The rooms I looked at were decent but not super fancy. Rooms selection includes standard, superior as well as junior and executive suites. The hotel does have apartments with kitchen, to cater to families.




    All rooms are air conditioned with in house movies, satellite tv, mini-bars and bathrooms with bath / shower combinations.

    There are 4 restaurants, 3 bars, 3 swimming pools, tennis court, fitness center and massage facilities as well as a children’s pool and playground.

    A meeting room is available for seminars and small meetings.

  • Staff Friendliness
    The lobby staff were somewhat aloof and pointed me to a manager who politely answered my questions. He warmed up to me after we went walking around. The bartender at the pool bar reminded me of a Mexican bartender as he told me about the food delicacies around Bali. The ladies selling the handicrafts invited me to sit in their booth and one of them got me lunch from a street vendor.
  • Weird Stuff
    I find having a large scale hotel with family apartments and kitchens somewhat weird. Its cool though if you have young kids and want the feel of a resort without wasting money at restaurants everyday.

    Alongside the pool is a booth selling Balinese clothing and handicrafts. The operator wear a uniform but are not actually hotel employees.

    Outside he back gate there is a 10 meter wide walkway before you get to beach. All the vendors have been told they can’t set foot on the path and gather like vultures at the beach wall.

  • What makes this hotel unique?
    The Jayakarta is unique because of its size, the grounds and 3 swimming pools are very spacious and relaxing. The location on the beach in Legian mean beach lovers won’t have to move and shoppers / partiers are in good position to.

    Families wanting a resort type environment while having the convenience of an apartment are catered for here too.

  • Why would you want to stay here?
    I’d stay here if I wanted close access to a beach away from Kuta but close enough to the airport. The 3 swimming pools and 4 restaurants makes relaxing easy without the need to be isolated down in Nusa Dua. Jalan Dhyana Pura is a a few minutes away for the night-owls and shopping is close down Jalan Legian in Kuta.
  • Why would you want to stay somewhere else?
    Being located in Legian the Jayakarta is close to many way more affordable options. I might be tempted to go for something more affordable and spend my money on exploring the restaurants outside instead of staying enclosed in the hotel / resort atmosphere.

    If I wanted a top of the line resort I might head for Nusa Dua.

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