Jalan Legian Hotel Guide

Jalan Legian is the main street that runs north- south all the way from Kuta to Seminyak ( although its called Jalan Seminyak when you get in that neighborhood ). All the hotels listed in this guide are fairly close to each other and are approximately 5-10 minutes walk from the beach, same distance to the shopping street at Kuta Square. Lower Jalan Legian has plenty of bars and restaurants and well as souvenir shops. The Bounty ship and Paddy’s are 2 well known bars that attract newcomers.

Lingga Murthi Hotel (0361) 751878)

Jalan Legian Banjar Pengabetan
[email protected]

Located on lower Jalan Legian between Poppies I & II across from the Prawita Hotel.

The Lingga Murthi Hotel is down a small gang ( alley ) used by locals and has rooms on 2 & 3 separate levels.

You have a parking area in front with the reception and lounge test restaurant area.

Rooms are clean and you have a choice between A/C or fan. D�cor is typical sterile white tile with a shared porch area outside and bamboo furniture.

Bathroom is basic but reasonable with bathtub and shower.

Facilities include :Telephone, Satellite TV, Karaoke, Laundry service, Bar & Restaurant, available safety deposit box, Tour service.

Breakfast is included along with tax. Drinking water provided.

This hotel is good for people wanting close access to Jalan Legian in the Kuta area with slightly more comfort than at a budget guest house.

Double Single
1st Class 150,000 150,000
Standard 100,000 100,000
Extra Bed 50,000

Maha Bharata (0361) 756754

Jalan Legian Br. Pengabetan

Located down a small gang (alley ) close to the Lingga Murthi Hotel and on the opposite side of the street to the Prawita Hotel. There is a large parking area in front and behind a row of trees is located a single 3-storey block of rooms. Reception is at the right side of the driveway. To the left of the driveway is the breakfast area.

I looked at the at a standard room that was basic and bare looking, but had a TV. Bathtub, white tile floor, bamboo furniture on the porch.

The room was clean and okay for a short term budget tourist.
Close to Jalan Legian. Slight noise from alley traffic. Internet Caf� opposite. Also close to the shops and Bounty Ship bar.

Fan 1 Person 1 Night 50,000
Fan 2 Person 1 Night 75,000
A/C TV, Hot water 1 Night 150,000
A/C The 1 Night 125,000

Discount 10% for more than 1 week.

Includes breakfast and tax.

Sari Yasa Samudra

Located down gang (alley ) across from Sari Club bomb site and Poppies Lane II.

20 rooms on 1 level in 2 rows of bungalows. Six of the rooms have A/C. Rooms have red and white tile floors and look clean . The atmosphere here is quite relaxing. The owner who likes to be called Mama lives on site at the back and talks non-stop.

Cute little rooms with porch and tidy bathroom.

No special d�cor inside just plain white walls and floors.

Fan 1 Person 1 Night 60,000
Fan 2 Person 1 Night 80,000
A/C 1 Person 1 Night 90,000
A/C 2 Person 1 Night 150,000

5,000rp discount for day for 1 week.

Breakfast included.

Paradiso Hotel (0361 752270)

Jalan Legian #61
[email protected]

Located on lower Jalan Legian next to Prawita Hotel ( same side ) it has 25 rooms. Hotel runs directly back from the street and is fairly quiet and relaxing the further back you get. Parking lot and reception at front close to main road.

Private terrace, bath/shower, hot water, swimming pool, car rental, tours.

Long row of single storey rooms with porch and bamboo furniture.

The rear pool is next to newer 2 storey rooms on 2 sides. Rooms are quiet, nice and very clean. The pool area feels secluded and is far enough from the street where noise won’t affect visitors.

Facilities include: A/C rooms with telephone, private terrace, bath/ shower, hot water, pool, car rental and tours.

A/C Single 1 Night $30
A/C Double 1 Night $35
A/C Extra Bed 1 Night $15
Fan Single 1 Night $20
Fan Double 1 Night $25
Fan Extra Bed 1 Night $12

Breakfast included.

This place is nicer than many of the other cheap hotels in the vicinity. The price in dollars reflects this. Not sure I’d want to pay $35 for a double though when you are so close to cheaper options. If $35 is inside your budget this place is an okay choice. Right on Jalan Legian, 5 minutes to the beach, surrounded by t-shirt and souvenir shops as well as bars and restaurants.

Hotel Prawita (0361) 751838

Jalan Legian #63

Located next to the Paradiso Hotel the Prawita has 39 rooms in 2 and 3 storey blocks.

This place is unique is layout and design with a street side restaurant, another restaurant under a central bamboo roof and a bar beneath a pond!

Rooms are clean and comfortable. This hotel is quieter than a budget guest house and would be good for a family or a traveler who wants some level of comfort without spending way too much.

Gardens in this place are overflowing and are cared for by the owner. Traditional carvings decorate the property as well as door frames to rooms. I find the doorways to be small but this is a small point.

The Prawita has fish ponds. The street side restaurant is shady and pleasant, its usually empty too so service is no problem. Reception is close to the front of the hotel adjacent to the restaurant and the parking is down a side alley at the back.

The pool is surrounded on 3 sides by rooms and looks quite large and clean. It has a wooden deck area and recliners.

Facilities include: Pool, A/C, Telephone, TV, Hot water, Private Balcony.

Swimming pool view Garden view
Single 1 Night $45 $40
Double 1 Night $50 $45
Suite 1 Night $70 $70
Extra Bed 1 Night $10 $10

Although prices are quoted in dollars be sure to negotiate. The manager quoted me a price of 160,000rp per night for a Double.

Breakfast included.

Aquarius Star Hotel (0361) 751762

Jalan Legian #116
[email protected]

Located directly opposite Prawita Hotel. The Aquarius has a restaurant and bar on the first and second levels on the street serving a range of food including Mexican, sandwiches and pizza.

Walking directly back through the bar you come to the reception desk and you will pass 2 rows of bungalows on the way to the pool area.

The bungalows are neat and tidy with a decent bed, writing table and a couple of chairs on the porch. There are an assortment of options for extras including A/C, fridge, TV etc. but a standard room is perfectly okay. In the dry season ( June-October) you don’t need A/C anyway.

Rooms go back quite away off the street and the place feels quite tranquil for somewhere right on Jalan Legian.

The bathroom looks a bit nicer than some of the guests houses I visit, you actually might enjoy taking shower here.

Standard room ( Bungalow or 2nd floor)
Breakfast, Drinking Water, Bath Tub, Hot water, Shower Screen ( 2nd Floor)
Standard Single 1 Night 70,000
Standard Double 1 Night 85,000
Standard Triple 1 Night 100,000

Superior Room

A/C, Breakfast, Drinking Water, Bath Tub, Hot water, Fridge available for Executive Superior.

Superior Single 1 Night 145,000
Superior Double 1 Night 155,000
Superior Triple 1 Night 170,000

Deluxe Room

A/C, Breakfast, Drinking Water, Bath Tub, Hot water, Fridge, TV

Deluxe Single 1 Night 160,000
Deluxe Double 1 Night 170,000
Deluxe Triple 1 Night 180,000

Deluxe Room (New Room)

A/C, Breakfast, Drinking Water, Bath Tub, Hot water, Fridge, TV, Shower Screen

Deluxe New Room Single 1 Night 165,000
Deluxe New Room Double 1 Night 175,000
Deluxe New Room Triple 1 Night 185,000

10,000rp discount per day if guests stay 1 week on all rooms.

Puri Rama Cottages (0361) 751057

Jalan Legian Gang Troppo Zone

Located across from Sari Club bomb site down small gang ( alley ).

This place is very pleasant. Cream colored buildings with central garden give a very relaxing feeling.

80 rooms on 2 and 3 levels spread around a fairly decent sized site. The owner is on property and is friendly. The rooms are simple and clean, in fact there’s not too much to choose between the rooms here and a guest house like Ronta Bungalows on Poppies II. The quality in the place lies in the extras like having 2 swimming pools, the exterior feel and the lack of noise.

Bathroom didn’t look too appetizing.

The property seems well maintained with the front section of rooms are 3 storey with a central pool.

This hotel would be good for mid range tourists who don’t need a super fancy place, but would like to relax at their hotel. The Puri Rama has its own restaurant too.

Close access to shopping on Jalan Legian and nightlife of Kuta.

Single 1 Night $26
Double 1 Night $32
Extra bed 1 Night $10

All rates subject to 15% tax and service charge. Breakfast not included.

I talked with the owner after getting the rate card and she said prices are negotiable.

Mama’s Beach Inn (0361) 751994

Located down small gang across from Sari Club bomb site. Mama’s Beach Inn is across the gang from Puri Rama Hotel.

8 rooms on one level. This place is low key and simple.

Bungalows are typical low budget guest house type with white tile floor, porch with chairs and decently clean bathroom. All 6 Standard rooms




Surya Beach Inn & Caf� ( 0361) 751054)

Jalan Legian Br. Pengabetan

Located down the same small gang as Puri Rama Hotel and next door to Mama’s Beach Inn.

12 rooms on 1 level. Small caf� with moderate prices.

Cute little place with tidy rooms and small pool. Nicer than Mama’s Beach Inn next door but a step down from the Puri Rama Hotel across the street.

Handy for those wanting to explore the Kuta area on foot. Plenty of shops and bars close by.

Tradition Balinese stonework entrance with tiled structure and roof to the left side as you enter. This is the reception area. Bungalows have elaborate stonework and carved decorations around the doors and windows.

Small tiled porch area with bamboo furniture.

Rooms are simple and have TV and fridge.
Bathrooms have handheld shower and bathtub.

Pool looks clean although the area surrounding it doesn’t afford too much room.

I Person 1 Night 100,000
2 Person 1 Night 125,000
1 Person 1 Week 700,000

Discount of 20% after 1 month.

Kamini Beach Inn (0361) 761629

Jalan Legian Gang Panin Bank

Located down small gang across from Sari Club site. Kamini Beach Inn is situated a few yards along from Surya Beach Inn across the street.

Budget place with a 3-storey block of rooms. Only the lower 2 floors and 10 rooms are being used.

Rooms have a fan, white tiled floor, clean with small porch. Bathrooms are average with hand held shower and bath-tub.

The owner, Agung lives on site.

I found the place to be quiet and friendly with a pool in the rear of the property.

Breakfast area located next to reception at the front.

This place feels like a guest house with a pool basically.

I Person 1 Night 100,000
2 Person 1 Night 150,000
1 Person 1 Week 10% Discount
2 Person 1 Week 10% Discount

Breakfast % tax included.

Tri Sakti Cottages (0361) 761060

Jalan Legian, 7 Puri Kama Lane
[email protected]

Located next to Kamini Beach Inn on small gang

14 rooms on 3 levels.

Small shop in front offering drinks and snacks, reception directly behind. The parking area is next to reception.

This place has a relaxed atmosphere. Rooms are in one long block with a garden area to the right going in, also another block at the end of the garden behind small temple structure.

Rooms simple
and clean with red and white tile floors, fan or A/C and refrigerator.

Was decently clean and came with bath tub and hot water.

I asked a group of young Aussie guys what they thought of the place and they said “Best place ever.” “Cheap, same as every other hotel.” “Could use a TV.”

I’m sure you can negotiate a better rate than the ones advertised too.

Fan Single 1 Night $10
Fan Double 1 Night $12
Fan Extra Bed 1 Night $3

A/C Single 1 Night $12
A/C Double 1 Night $15
A/C Extra Bed 1 Night $4

Breakfast included. All prices subject to 21% tax and service.

Dewi Sri Cottages (0361) 752555

Jalan Legian
[email protected]

Located at the end of the gang where Kamini Beach and Tri Sakti are this hotel is definitely the choice place. Its almost a shock to see a place like this down a small gang.

Large parking lot with security staff. 102 rooms on 2,3,5 storeys. Central pool. Nicely looked after gardens and ponds.

Staff said hotel is unusually full. Very quiet, good place to relax, no traffic noise. Central bar, restaurant next to reception. and pool.

Tables, chairs and shades in the grounds as well as a massage facility.

Good place to bring a family as you can feel like you’re away from it and be 100 yards from the main street.

Rooms were decent and clean and feature A/C, hot water, shower, private balcony, fridge, minibar, TV, in house movies and telephone.

Hotel facilities include: 1 Swimming pool, laundry and dry cleaning, safety deposit box, taxi on call, currency exchange, doctor on call, fax service.

The restaurant is open 24 hours and there is 24 hour room service.

Standard 1 Night 200,000
Superior 1 Night 300,000
Family 1 Night 400,000

Sanjaya Beach Hotel (0361) 751859

Jalan Legian

Located 20 meters down small gang that runs diagonally away from Jalan Legian across from the Sari Club. This place is also 30 meters from Poppies Lane II.

30 rooms on 3 storeys. A/C in 14 rooms.

The older lady owner is on the property.

This is a basic place that is over priced. Bathrooms range from ordinary to dirty.

Lounge area in front with bamboo furniture. Local guys were hanging out when I visited.

In front is a parking area with chairs and shades.

There is some Balinese stonework around the doors and windows. Small shop next door selling snacks.

Small central pool.

Fan , hot water
Standard Single 1 Night $15
Standard Double 1 Night $18
Standard Extra Bed 1 Night $10

A/C, hot water
Deluxe Single 1 Night $18
Deluxe Double 1 Night $20
Deluxe Extra Bed 1 Night $10

Breakfast and tax included.

White Rose Hotel (0361) 756515

Jalan Legian
[email protected]

Located at the end of a small gang across from Sari Club site.

140 rooms in 3 storeys.

Expansive parking area, security post, marble plaque remembering the Bali Bombing.

The lobby is elegant, clean and feels like a proper upscale hotel ( has a sales manager etc.)

Large swimming pool and spa.

Grounds include fountains and are lush and well looked after.

Rooms are quite luxurious with good quality furniture.

Suites have a central lounge area and 3 rooms. The rooms have a King size, Hollywood King size ( a King size that converts to 2 twins ) and 2 twin beds.

The hotel is a decent sized place and very comfortable, right in the heart of Kuta.

I think the White Rose Hotel would be good for families on a short stay.

Facilities include: 24 Restaurant and Coffee Shop, 24 Medical Service on call, Pizzeria next to pool, Gym & Spa, Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Conference Room, Business Center, Drug Store, Currency Exchange, Airport Transfer.

Rooms include: A/C, TV, IDD Telephone, Satellite program, Mini Bar, Private Balcony.

Standard 1 Night $95
Deluxe 1 Night $125
Extra Bed 1 Night $35

Rates subject to 21% tax.

Agung Cottages (0361 ) 757427

Jalan Legian

Located behind large stone archway and money changer.

50 rooms on 1,2 and 3 levels.

Reception and parking in front.

3 storey block at front, bungalows in the middle area, 2 storey block behind pool.

Gardens are well cared for. Bungalows have decent size area inside and large bathroom.

Very clean.

Small temple structure on site. Rear pool.

Bar located next t pool. Restaurant next to reception that is open 0700-1500 serving Indonesian and western food. American, Continental and Indonesian breakfast.

Central ‘bale’ with table and chairs.

Well looked after place with quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Room facilities include: shower, refrigerator, TV, fan, A/C.

Other facilities include: Car and motorbike rental, daily coach tour.

About 15 minutes to the beach from here.

Breakfast included.

A/C with Hot water
Bungalow Single 1 Night $50
Bungalow Double 1 Night $60

Cottages A/C Single 1 Night $30
Cottages A/C Double 1 Night $35
Cottages A/C Extra 1 Night $10
Cottages A/C Single 1 Night $25
Cottages A/C Double 1 Night $30
Cottages A/C Extra 1 Night $10

Fan cooled with Hot water
Cottages I Single 1 Night $23
Cottages I Double 1 Night $25

Fan cooled, cold water
Cottages II Single 1 Night $20
Cottages II Double 1 Night $22
Cottages II Extra 1 Night $8

Matahari Bungalow (0361) 751616

Jalan Legian
[email protected]

Located on Jalan Legian the same side as McDonalds in an older looking building with tiled roof.

72 rooms.

Restaurant is next to the street, with reception a bit further back on the right side of a fairly large shady lobby.

Walking back to the left is a row of bungalows, to the right a block of 2 storey rooms.

Further down the same row there are 2 storey suites on the left side. I thought this area had a very tropical feel with many trees and bushes.

Very nice rooms with white tile floors, nicely appointed with light colored wooden fittings, a decorated bed and small kitchen area. Suites also have private balcony with wicker furniture.

Further along from the suites is the pool-area which is fairly large and has a pool bar along with a fountain and ponds. One of the restaurants is also next to the pool.

There is plenty of space on this property with trees and bushes a great place to relax.

All the staff in this hotel are from Bali one guy told me.

A block of 3 storey deluxe rooms are 10 meters to the street side of the pool. Small economy rooms ( bungalows) are located behind the reception area. These are very small, with fan and cold water and are a different proposition to the nicer rooms.

Fan, shower
Grade A Single 1 Night $14
Grade A Double 1 Night $16

A/C, Hot Water, Fan
Grade D Single 1 Night $28
Grade D Double 1 Night $34
Grade D Extra 1 Night $8

A/C, Hot Water, Fan, TV, Fridge on request
Deluxe Single 1 Night $51
Deluxe Double 1 Night $57
Deluxe Extra 1 Night $10

A/C, Hot Water, Fan, TV, Fridge and Kitchen
Suite Single 1 Night $100
Suite Double 1 Night $125
Suite Extra 1 Night $10

All prices subject to 15.5 % tax.

Car, motorbike and coach tours can be rented here.

Hotel Restu Bali (0361) 751251

Jalan Legian #113
[email protected]

Located on the same side of the road as McDonalds, 2 doors down.

This hotel looks as if its been around for a while. Parking area in front of post office at the front with reception behind parking lot.

2nd floor restaurant overlooks the street and is great for checking out the action on Jalan Legian.

I noticed the staff all wear traditional outfits which adds to the appearance of the place.

Rooms are in 2 storey blocks and bungalows. Rooms are very, clean and spacious with a higher degree of comfort
than many on the street. Furniture is good quality and no bamboo stuff on the porch. TV and refrigerator included.

Swimming pool has a jacuzzi and children’s pool.

The Superior rooms is quite large and new looking, the Standard felt a bit cramped after the Superior.

Pretty decent place to stay. Close to Matahari department store on Jalan Legian, McDonalds and Ryoshi Japanese restaurant across the street.

There are a ton of souvenir shops close by and the beach is about 10 minutes walk.

[Up from McDonalds & Ryoshi are Adhi Dharma Hotel on the same side as Ryoshi and Legian Express, same side as McDonalds. These 2 hotels are opposite each other.]

Bendesa (0361) 751358

Jalan Legian

Located down a small gang opposite F.O.B. store and behind Reef surf shop.

50 rooms in bungalows, 2 and 3 storeys. Newer rooms are much nicer than the older ones, even though they are sometimes situated next door.

Refurbishment is going on next to the reception area for a new office.

Parking lot in front with reception area on the left side. Walk right to the bungalows and rooms.

Bungalows are central with blocks around the outside of the property.

Bathrooms are okay, newer rooms have very clean looking fittings.

Porches have a whitish tile and decent furniture.

No swimming pool. The staff are friendly.

The hotel seemed quiet without too many guests and traffic noise. Bungalows are brick with tile roof.

There are 5 classes of rooms.

Standard: Fan & Cold water
1 Person 1 Night 40,000
2 Person 1 Night 60,000
3 Person 1 Night 70,000

Highest: Fan & Cold Water
1 Person 1 Night 70,000
2 Person 1 Night 100,000
3 Person 1 Night 150,000
4 Person 1 Night 200,000

New rooms with A/C & Hot water:
1 Person 1 Night 150,000
2 Person 1 Night 200,000

Breakfast is included.

Fourteen Roses Hotel (0361) 752078

Jalan Legian #153
[email protected]

Located next to Ryoshi Japanese restaurant with 72 rooms. The receptionist told me all the rooms were full and did not want me to take photos inside the restaurant hence no photos.

This hotel attracts many domestic tourists.

Decent lobby with traditional type furniture and street -side restaurant.

Hotel facilities include swimming pool, room service, taxi service, laundry, shuttle bus to airport, safety deposit box at front desk, restaurant and bar, meeting room for 50 people.

Standard Room: A/C, refrigerator, hot water, telephone, TV
Standard Single 1 Night $40
Standard Twin/Double 1 Night $45
Standard Extra Bed 1 Night $10
Standard Family Room 1 Night $60

Hotel Pool View: A/C, refrigerator, hot water, telephone, TV
Hotel Pool View Single 1 Night $50
Hotel Pool View Twin/Double 1 Night $60
Hotel Pool View Extra Bed 1 Night $12
Hotel Pool View Family Room 1 Night $75

Breakfast included.

21% tax added to bill.

[Walking up Jalan Legian you come to Jalan Benesari on the left side and you’ll see a sign for the second section of the Adhi Dharma Hotel.

Walk another 150 meters and on the right side of the road is the Kuta Paradiso.]

3 Brothers Bungalows (0361) 751566

Jalan Legian

Located on the left side of Jalan Legian past Jalan Melasti heading up the main street. The 3 Brothers Bungalows are tucked down a small gang and the property, which has 86 rooms stretches back to the next block.

This is one of the most pleasant properties on Jalan Legian.

The lobby / reception is right behind the main parking area. The rooms are spread out in small 2 storey blocks.

Balinese stonework and carving adorn the outside of most rooms, which are spacious and clean.

The Standard room I looked at had a mosquito net and an open air bathroom. Some of the non A/C rooms have a little air-flow gap at the top of the doorway and the mosquito net is necessary. Don’t worry its all part of the experience.

Rooms have red tile floors with porch area on which to relax. Bathroom is equipped with

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