Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel – Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel –
, Bali, Indonesia


Located along Jl. Danau Tambingan in Sanur the Inna is a 3-star hotel that offers instant access to the beach for reasonable rate. The hotel was built in the 1950’s and offers 61 rooms.

The hotel is definitely in Balinese style and that becomes apparent as soon as you enter the lobby which is decorated with red and gold floral carvings on the walls and traditional stonework. The rooms extend back from the lobby in 2 storey blocks and the well manicured garden lies between the buildings and the beach.

A restaurant is located beachside with the suites located at the far back close to the swimming pool.

The Matahari restaurant is open from 7am to 11pm and serves

The atmosphere is of a budget type place although the hotel is not tatty around the edges, rooms are bright and clean, with decent beds, good bathroom and décor. Gardens are very well taken care of and the location is very good too being on the beach and in the center of many shopping and restaurant options.

The Inna Sanur is located conveniently on the beach in Sanur on a main street that is in the heart of shopping and nightlife. Guests can walk along the beachfront pathway to explore other parts of the beach or easily stroll around the corner for meal or some shopping.

The airport is a 25 minute drive.

The atmosphere at the Inna is of an older Balinese style budget / mid range hotel. Once you get into the lobby are you realize this isn’t a luxury hotel but still a decent place with a good level of quality. The clientele seems to be older Europeans, this is not a party hotel.

The atmosphere in the gardens and around the hotel is tranquil.




Luxury level:
The hotel is not luxurious but has a decent level of luxury including, AC, TV, mini-bar, good beds, pleasant clean rooms, a restaurant and pool.

What makes this hotel unique:
The Inna Sindhu Beach is unique because it is located on the beach and also in the center of shopping and restaurants. The hotel provides a quiet, tranquil place that is ideal for families and older people seeking some peace and quiet as well as close access to the outside world.

Staff friendliness:
The staff seemed okay. While I was there they were preparing for the arrival of important guests from overseas and were in a happy frame of mind. I think it is the kind of small hotel where getting to know the staff is quite easy.

Weird stuff:
Parts of the brochure seem to be written by someone who struggles with English.

When I visited a gamelan orchestra was practicing and along with the portable bamboo shelters, Balinese umbrellas and decorations I could see a new arrival being surprised by the new culture. Not really weird though.

Why would you stay here:
I would stay here if I wanted a tranquil place on the beach in Sanur that is in walking distance to shops and restaurants. For a family it would be ideal as well as an older couple looking for comfort if not luxury.

Why would you stay somewhere else:
I would stay somewhere else if I needed a higher level of luxury, like a resort. If I wanted a hotel closer to the nightlife I would head for Kuta, Legian, Seminyak.

Noise levels:
The noise levels are low in general. The beachside pathway and beach can mean locals and their kids are often cavorting right there.

How do the rooms feel:
The rooms feel simple, clean and decent. Each have AC, TV, mini-bar, hot water, bath tub.

All rooms have AC, private bath & shower, hot water, mini-bar, TV, IDD telephone and balcony or terrace. There is a small swimming pool and a beachside restaurant and bar.

Proximity to the action:
The hotel is in the middle of a fairly busy beach strip that features a beach-side pathway leading to food places. The street outside has many restaurants and shops. There is nightlife in Sanur but for a late night scene with a real party atmosphere you will have to drive for 20 minutes to Kuta or 30 minutes to Seminyak.

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