Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel – Sanur, Bali, Indonesia – part 1

Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel –
, Bali, Indonesia


Marketing Manager: Iriyanto
From: Java

Baliblog: What year was this hotel built?
Iriyanto: It is a really old hotel. It was built in 1953. With only bungalows, only 5 at that time. The hotel joined the Natour Group on 1975 and then joined with Inna in 2001.

Baliblog: What is the approximate are of the hotel including the grounds?
Iriyanto: Its almost 6 hectares.

Baliblog: How long is your beach front?
Iriyanto: We have about 120 meters.

Baliblog: How many rooms do you have.
Iriyanto: We have 61 rooms which include 18 cottages.

Baliblog: How many classes of rooms do you have?
Iriyanto: We have different classes, the lowest is pool-view. Then we have sea-view then cottages.

Baliblog: I am trying to find out exactly who this hotel would be best for, couples, families etc. What is your recommendation?
Iriyanto: At this time (January) we mostly older couples from Europe, but in September we have younger people from Europe and Canada.

Baliblog: What is your busiest time of year?
Iriyanto: Christmas and New Year. In June we have local people on holiday and also in August. The muslim holiday is also busy for us, this year it will be November 1-6.

Baliblog: How would you describe the design of the hotel?
Iriyanto: Of course its beach front in a Balinese style.




Baliblog: So the owners of the hotel deliberately tried to make a Balinese atmosphere?
Iriyanto: Yes because of the carvings and decorations and the style of the buildings.

Baliblog: Do you put on entertainment or dance performances?
Iriyanto: Yes we put on a childrens Legong dance every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

Baliblog: What do you thing is the special thing about this hotel?
Iriyanto: People tell us it is the staff with their hospitality. That is what the guest like the most.

Baliblog: The location, its right on the beach and close to the busy part of Sanur.
Iriyanto: Yes you can find the restaurants along the beach, either to the left or to the right. Also there is a choice of entertainment every night. Of course the seafood available is fantastic.

Baliblog: Can you organize water-sport activities if the guests want it?
Iriyanto: Yes there is a diving center right here. Of course snorkeling is always available and 300 meters to the right there are jet-skis and para-sailing.

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The Inna Sindhu Beach has a total of 61 rooms and cottages laid in 2 storey blocks around a tropical garden, overlooking the ocean.

Restaurant & Bar:
Matahari Beach Restaurant has soft music, light meals and an array of drinks right next to the beach. The Purnama Bar is the seaside bar providing guests with a relaxing place to socialize.

Meetings & Parties:
Paruman Agung is a multi purpose meeting room suitable for a seminar, exhibition and meeting up to 150 persons.

The Batukaru rooms (1 & 2) offer convenience for meeting from minimum 40 persons to 150.

The Taman Sari Poolside Bar is provided for small romantic parties up to 50 persons.

The Purnama open stage garden is conveniently arrange for farewell or gala dinner parties up to 300 persons.

Recreation Facilities:
Swimming pool, childrens playground, beach recreation and sport, golf course, tennis and nightclubs nearby.

Photo Gallery:
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