Hotel Bali Ayu – Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia – part I

Hotel Bali Ayu – Kerobokan,
, Indonesia – part I


Executive Assistant Manager: Ketut Adhi Utama

From: Tabanan Bali

Baliblog: How long have you worked here?
Ketut: I have worked here for 2 years.

Baliblog: What year was the hotel built?
Ketut: It was built step by step, gradually, not all in one. The first cottage was built 3 years ago, something like that. The latest one is about years old.

Baliblog: So you have 32 rooms in total and they come in 3 styles: Standard, Standard Villa and Superior Villa.
Ketut: There are 2 kinds of names they give. We call them Standard room, then there is Standard Villa or Superior room, and the other one is Superior Villa or Deluxe room.

Baliblog: Okay. I'll try and explain that.

If you are describing the Bali Ayu to someone how would you do that?
Ketut: I would say it is a friendly hotel that is good for a couple, kids and people over 40, who lie to have a hotel in Balinese style.

Baliblog: How long does it take to get to this hotel from the airport?
Ketut: It depends on the time of day but the average is 20 to 30 minutes.

Baliblog: How long does it take to get to the beach from here?
Ketut: The beach is about 1km and will take about 10-15 minutes.

Baliblog: In this immediate area what restaurants can you recommend that are within walking distance?
Ketut: There are a lot and they include some very specialized restaurants. We have Esmiralda right here, which is a Mediterranean restaurant but quite expensive, we have Bebek Bali, which is Balinese style mixed with western.

Baliblog: Is Bebek Bali good?
Ketut: Because I am Balinese I get used to many spices and hot food. I think I like that style and this place is westernized.




On the next street also (Jl. Oberoi) there are many good restaurants. You will find Ku De Ta over there, Kahaima, a Moroccan restaurant.

Baliblog: I like the new Warung Murah on Jl. Oberoi.

Anyway you say 'Balinese style'. How is that Balinese style? What does it look like?
Ketut: Balinese style is having the building. I mean having a Balinese building style, which means having a lot of sun, having a lot of wind, you know the ventilation. Not quite like western buildings where you have a tall building with ventilation. Its what we call Balinese style.

Baliblog: I see that you have cement bricks and a tile roof, with a wooden support, so a little bit natural.
Ketut: We use sandstone.

Baliblog: What hours does the restaurant open?
Ketut: The restaurant is open from 7am-10am for breakfast, then lunch and dinner till 11pm.

Baliblog: What time is the lobby bar open?
Ketut: We haven't opened the bar yet actually.

Baliblog: So you have a tour desk, do you offer any other forms of activities or entertainment?
Ketut: We don't have regular entertainment but we can organize your tour to other parts of the island.

Baliblog: Is there anything special you want to tell me about you hotel?
Ketut: I think we have a Balinese style that will meet your budget. It's very affordable.

Baliblog: I think so too and the room is big, I like that.
Ketut: The room is very big, I mean our Superior Villa is 25 sq m, the Standard Villa is 22 sq m and our Standard room is 18 sq m. You can ask people, they like this. For families, mother, father and kids can all stay here.

Baliblog: Often times people ask me about the beds. In the Standard room you have either presumably a double bed or 2 twins.
Ketut: We have 8 Standard rooms (2 with double beds, 6 with twin).

Baliblog: With the villa, I looked at the Superior Villa downstairs and upstairs and both had a double bed.
Ketut: We have some with double bed and some with twin. Of the 24 Villas, 16 of them are twin.

Baliblog: If they want to have an extra bed can you arrange this?
Ketut: We can. We are building more Villas at the back at the moment.

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Hotel Facilities:
Restaurant, Pool bar, Safe Deposit Box, Shuttle Bus Service, Bar, Swimming Pool, Laundry Service, Room Service.

Room Facilities:
Air Conditioning (private control)
Satellite TV
Private Bath and Shower
Hot water
Garden Terrace
IDD telephone
Kitchen (Superior downstairs and Deluxe)

Additional Services:
Tour Center
Car Rental
Western trained Doctor on call
Visa and Mastercard accepted
Facsimile and email facilities
Money Changer
Taxi on Call

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