Diwangkara Holiday Villa – Sanur, Bali, Indonesia – part 1

Diwangkara Holiday Villa –
, Bali, Indonesia


Front office manager: Agung
From: Bali

Baliblog: Agung how many rooms are there in total at the Diwangkara?
Agung: Altogether there are 39 rooms including the villas. We have the 10 villas and the other rooms are Superior and Deluxe.

Baliblog: What is the difference between the Superior, the Deluxe and the Villa?
Agung: Well basically the facilities are quite the same, but the difference is the size of the rooms. The Superior is smaller of course than the Deluxe and the main difference is that the Deluxe room has a poster bed. The villas have a private pool.

Baliblog: Out of all the rooms which were the most recent built?
Agung: The villas were built recently.

Baliblog: They smell like they are new almost.
Agung: Right.

Baliblog: What year was the hotel originally built?
Agung: I have been here for 20 years. The name of the hotel was Diwangkara hotel and Bungalow. It was run by the family of Mr. Diwangkara and since May 1st 2001 it has been taken over by Holiday Villa Group. Now we called are Diwangkara Holiday Villa.

Baliblog: How large is the property?
Agung: About 2 hectares.

Baliblog: What is the special quality of this hotel?
Agung: Well we have many repeaters who come from the Netherlands who always says that after staying here this is their second home. So our special quality is that we treat our guests like family. So they do not feel like they are staying in a hotel.

Baliblog: What hours is the restaurant open?
Agung: The restaurant is open from 7am-11pm because this is the only restaurant we have and we serve breakfast lunch and dinner.

Baliblog: What kind of food do you serve?
Agung: Western and Indonesian food and the most important thing might be for Muslims, halal.

Baliblog: Where do your guests come from?
Agung: Mostly from Europe especially from Netherlands.

Baliblog: As far as the profile of the guests are they single, couples, families, old, young?
Agung: Well it might not be for the younger people because the nightlife in Sanur is too short. Everything is closing by 11pm. Meanwhile 11pm in Kuta the nightlife is starting. That is the difference. Maybe for a family or for 40-50 years old people or for a couple it might be the best.




Baliblog: I will tell people its good for families and older people because of the quiet and relaxing atmosphere right here on the beach.
Agung: Thats right.

Baliblog: If a guest is asking for a restaurant nearby or somewhere to go in the evening where do you suggest?
Agung: Well actually there are many restaurants in Sanur and if we give the restaurant a call they will send a taxi for free. Of course we cannot suggest to them all of the restaurants they will visit during their trip but the Swastika restaurant is nearby.

Baliblog: Do you get a lot of domestic tourists staying here?
Agung: Well periodically. Especially during school holidays and between the 20th of November and the 5th of December. This November from the 12th to the 16th the government offices will be closed for Idul Fitri, the end of Ramadan so we are expecting guests especially from Java.

Baliblog: Describe the layout and the style of the hotel.
Agung: Well this is a hotel with traditional architecture. The most important thing is that we are located on the beach. We are also close to the Le Mayeur Museum, the museum of the famous Belgian painter. We are not so far from the airport, about 30 minutes and also have easy access to Kuta and Denpasar.

Baliblog: I notice you have a lot of carvings and kori agungs (stone capped archways) in front of the villas.
Agung: Yes the new ones. When this hotel was taken over by the Holiday Villas Group then the villas become more private, which is good for a honeymoon couple.

Baliblog: Do you provide any special entertainment?
Agung: For next year we will be providing traditional Balinese dancing and a Batak (Sumatran) musician. The dancing will be on request and is one of the extra services we can provide.

Baliblog: What is your occupancy level, because some people like a quiet hotel, other prefer a busy hotel.
Agung: This year say about 60%. Some months like April below 50%. As I say we have many repeaters especially from Europe who like to come during winter. January to March is our busiest time of year because the older couples from the Netherlands like to stay 4-5 weeks. During that period the occupancy could be 70-80%. The end of the year will be the peak season hopefully especially when the local people from Java come.

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Room facilities & Services:
40 air –conditioned rooms and suites are luxurious & equipped in typical Balinese architecture to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

King sized poster bed.
En suite bathroom with hot/cold shower and bathtub.

Satellite TV (HBO & CNN)

International direct dialing (IDD) telephone.

Individually controlled air conditioner
Fruit basket on arrival
12 hour room service
Laundry and valet service
Baby cot & extra bed available

Other services & Facilities:
Onward hotel & airline bookings
Safe deposit box
Money changer
Car rental and travel agency
Medical service upon request
Large parking area

Dining facilities:
Pantai Sanur Restaurant & Bar:
The restaurnt & bar are overlooking the beach and serve a fine selection of western and Indonesian cuisine.

Recreation and sport facilities:
Large swimming pool set in open lounging area surrounded by verdant tropical greenery. Childrens pool attached.

A sandy beach, clear blue sea provide a constant invitation to swim, surf, sail, or just relax in the sun.

Just a minute from the hotel is a 9-hole golf course, bowling center and tennis court.

Banquet & Conventions:
There is small well-designed function room for banquet receptions, meetings and seminars.
Accomodation up to 50 people with full equipment.

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