Bali Rani Hotel – Tuban, Bali, Indonesia

Bali Rani Hotel –
, Bali, Indonesia


Hotel Bali Rani is a first class hotel located in Tuban which is 10 minutes from the airport by taxi.

The hotel is not on the beach but is across from the soon to be completed Discovery Shopping Complex and guests will be able to access the beach via a 2 minute walk through the shopping complex.

The Bali Rani Hotel is very close to Waterbom Park and the nightlife of Musro, DeeJay Café and Stadium Café all located on the same street. The shopping in Kuta Square in a 5 minute walk.

There are 104 rooms that are divided into Superior (recently upgraded from Standard), Deluxe, Family and Executive Suite.

The Superior rooms are directly behind the lobby and come in 2 story blocks. The rooms look out onto a central pond with reading lounge in the center. The Deluxe rooms are further back and come in 3 storey blocks and look out onto the swimming pool.

The recently upgraded Superior rooms look shiny and new and you can smell the new wood furniture.

The lobby is mid sized and is quite impressive with a large chandelier and ‘wayang’ style traditional Balinese paintings.

Off of the lobby is a strip of gift shops and other hotel retail facilities including a travel agent, business center and tailor.

On the second floor is the small Spa which is located next to the fitness center. The Fitness Center is actually one small room with 4 workout machines (multi-gym etc.) and is okay to give someone a taste of exercise.

The Bali Rani Hotel is located on busy Jl. Kartika Plaza which is a 10 minute drive from the airport. The hotel is currently a 10 minute walk from the beach which will become a 2 minute walk after Discovery Shopping Complex is finished. Located on the same street is Waterbom Park, Stadium Café and Kuta Paradiso Billiard and Bowling.




The hotel is ideally placed to access the shopping and nightlife of Kuta.

The atmosphere at the Bali Rani Hotel is of a busy first class hotel that tries hard to keep the place in shape and make sure guests are happy.

The lobby has is impressive with a high ceiling and ‘wayang’ style Balinese paintings. The section behind the lobby had a large pond with a bar in the middle. The whole thing feels relaxing and tropical.

The pool area is bright and attractive and has an operating pool bar, massage hut and music is playing. I wouldn’t say it necessarily a party scene but there are quite a few families who seem to enjoy the poolside snacks and drinks.

What makes this hotel special?
This hotel is special because it offers first class levels of accommodation, close to the airport, beach, nightlife and shopping of Kuta allowing guests to maximize their holiday time.

Luxury level:
This first class hotel offers decent quality rooms. The Superior rooms have been recently upgraded and feel airy, new and clean. The Deluxe rooms aren’t as new but are very spacious.

All rooms are equipped with AC, bathtub and shower, satellite TV, in-house movies, piped music, mini-bar, IDD telephone, shaver outlets, tea and coffee maker.

Staff friendliness:
The staff seemed pretty cool. My guide Mr Heribawa showed me around and was good vibes. Waitress Wayan who served me lunch at the Haston Café couldn’t keep her hands off my camera and wanted to know my whole family history.

Why would you stay here?
I would stay here if I wanted a place that had a good level of accommodation, service and amenities. Also a place that is within a short drive from the airport, short walk from the beach, shopping and nightlife. If I had a family and just wanted a nice place to relax this hotel would work.

Why would you stay somewhere else?
I’d stay somewhere else if I wanted to save money by using a guest house or go for total luxury in a Nusa Dua resort. Also if I wanted a quieter place outside the immediate tourist scene or didn’t care for the family environment with kids and family members etc.

The hotel has a very nice swimming pool, poolside bar, small children’s playground ground, poolside massage, beauty salon, fitness, spa, table tennis an 3 restaurants the Purnama Coffee Shop, Mandarin ‘Chinese’ Restaurant and Haston Café & Bar.

The hotel is located on a busy street but the rooms are far enough back and are insulated enough that this won’t be a problem. For people staying in the Deluxe rooms that surround the pool you should be aware that pool side bar plays music during the day and that the pool itself is busy with families enjoying themselves. Superior rooms might be quieter as they surround the pond and central reading lounge ‘bale’..

How do the rooms feel?
The Superior rooms have recently been upgraded from Standard and look very nice. They have new furniture and look and smell bright and shiny. The Deluxe rooms don’t have quite the same shiny quality but are larger. I’d go for a new looking Superior myself.

All rooms have individually controlled air conditioning, private bath and shower, satellite / cable TV, piped music mini-bar, IDD telephone, shaver outlets, tea and coffee maker and private balcony / terrace.

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