Bakung Beach Cottages – Tuban, Bali, Indonesia

Bakung Beach Cottages –
, Bali, Indonesia


Bakung Beach Cottages is located on Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban 100 meters down gang Samudra which is next to Bintang Bali. The hotel is only 10 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes to the beach and 5-10 minutes from the restaurants and bars of Kuta.

The front of the hotel looks like many other small Balinese style places with orange brick stone work and a split gate.

The feel when you walk in is of an older hotel that serves the package tourist market. The reception is right there as you walk in located on the first floor. Balinese design elements include roof and wall designs along with the grey-orange brick work. I found the reception staff to be polite and friendly and directly behind the reception area an area of neat gardens leads to the blocks of 2 and 3-storey rooms.

I passed a drug store and gift-shop on the through to the central pool in another building that was decorated heavily with Balinese stone work. The central pool area is a decent size and was clean. I find that many of the older hotels have a dull appearance due to floors and roofs that naturally take a beating from the elements. That is deal here, a dark feel even though the pool is very clean and nice.

The pool-bar was operating.

The gardens are well kept and feature some tall trees which is pleasant.

Terraces for rooms have a white-tile floors, decent wooden chairs and table and plants to brighten the place up. The background color-scheme of the blocks of rooms is an aqua-marine blue.

Rooms have a white tile floor and plain wall with a picture. The good dark-wood furniture helps to make up for this plainness. Each room has air conditioning, hot and cold water, music channel, refrigerator, telephone, TV. The TV is mounted about 8ft in the air so get comfortable before you settle in for a movie.

Bathrooms are clean and feature a western toilet, bat- tub and shower, though are rather uninspiring due to their plainness.

The hotel restaurant is called the Bakung Segara Restaurant and it is located as pool-side. The menu is divided up into Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, European, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, soups and desserts. There is a lot of choice. A nasi campur will cost 17,000rp, a T-bone steak 23,000rp and mixed drinks are generally 35,000rp.

The feel of the restaurant is like a cafeteria, not really that atmospheric, but handy. The staff are nice people and getting to know them will make your stay more pleasant.

This hotel is not on the beach but it can be accessed easily.




Staying here means maximizing your holiday time as it is super close to the airport. You will enjoy the quiet atmosphere at the Bakung Beach Cottages but also have access to the restaurants along Jl. Kartika Plaza just round the corner. You will also be able to access the new Discovery shopping mall, with a Starbucks, Pizza Hut and other new shops. Gracie Kellys Irish Pub is right there too.

The nightlife of Kuta is a 5 minute taxi ride.

I think for a family on a budget, or a person who just wants to chill by the pool with no stress and enjoy some of the Kuta highlights this place is pretty good.

The hotel is popular with budget tourists especially Australians, Dutch and domestic tourists at certain times of year.

Bukung Beach Cottages is located on Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban down gang Samudra which is next to Bintang Bali. The hotel is only 10 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes to the beach and 5-10 minutes from the restaurants and bars of Kuta.

The atmosphere here is relaxed. Balinese carvings and styles make this 10 year old hotel welcoming. The small reception area at the front of the hotel leads to sets of 2 and 3-storey Standard rooms. The swimming pool is adjacent to the restaurant and the atmosphere is of a family style place. Popular with families and older Australians.

Luxury level:
All rooms in this hotel are standard and come with AC, hot water, music channel, refrigerator, telephone and private balcony / terrace.

The grounds of the hotel are compact and the garden areas are surrounded by 2 and 3-storey blocks of rooms.

The mid sized pool has its own pool bar. The single restaurant serves Indonesian, Chinese and western food.

What makes this hotel special:
This hotel is special because it is located close to the airport and close to the beach. For people looking for a budget place that feels quiet but is still within walking distance from the shopping on Kuta Square and nightlife of Kuta, this place would work.

Weird Stuff:
All the staff asked where I lived and the receptionist went straight into, How much do you pay for your house?

Staff Friendliness:
People seemed friendly. The front desk staff were very chatty. Restaurant staff were meek and said hello.

Why would you stay here:
I would stay at this hotel if I wanted a budget place close to the beach, airport, shopping, restaurant and nightlife.

Why would you stay somewhere else:
I would stay somewhere else if I wanted a hotel with more space, more luxury and away from the budget holiday scene. If I only wanted a place to sleep in the same area I would get a guest house.

Noise levels:
The hotel is down a long side street away from the main road so noise is low.

How does the room feel:
Rooms feel large and clean with decent bathroom and balcony. White tile floor, white walls with minimal decoration. Furniture is good and the places feels comfortable.

Room Service, Money Exchange, Mailing, Swimming Pool, Touring, Convenience Store / Shop, Safety Deposit Box, Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Hotel Doctor on call, Traditional Massage on request, Facsimile.

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