Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort – Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – part II

Alam Kul Kul Boutique Resort – Kuta,
, Indonesia


The Alam Kul Kul is located at the top of Jl. Pantai Kuta, the main road along Kuta Beach. For people arriving at the airport, the hotel is within 20 minutes. The site of the Alam Kul Kul is directly behind Papas restaurant. For visitors who enjoy close proximity to the beach, as well as a short walk to the shopping on Jl. Melasti and Jl. Legian, the Alam Kul Kul is a great choice. The nightlife in the immediate area is very good with Kama Sutra nightclub down the street and Hard Rock Cafe and Centerstage at the bottom end of the beach road.

Seminyak is a handy 5 minutes away by taxi.

The Alam Kul Kul is a small personal boutique hotel that contains a Spa. The atmosphere is one of calm rather than a party scene. Great care has been taken to create a comfortable environment and the staff play a big part in this. The Alam Kul Kul delivers a more personal experience than some of the larger hotels which makes it popular with couples from Australia and Japan.

Luxury Scale:
The Alam Kul Kul is a 4-star hotel that offers a very clean, compact, well taken care of property. The hotel has an award-winning restaurant overlooking the beach as well as a Spa. There are 2 medium-sized swimming pool and Business Center. The 80 rooms come in 7 categories including 3 types of villas. Rooms are all AC, with hot water and TV. The villas come with plunge pool and sunken bath tub.

Staff Friendliness:
I found the staff to be polite, standing to attention at the entrance to the Spa. Restaurant staff seemed quite relaxed and friendly.

Weird Stuff:
I would say the compactness of the hotel and the high profile of the Jamu Traditional Spa was a bit different. As already stated this is not a party hotel and people tend to come here for relaxation and to enjoy the Spa.

What makes this hotel unique:
The Alam Kul Kul is unique because it offers a relaxing environment with 4-star luxury right on Kuta Beach. Papas restaurant is also the only Mediterranean restaurant on Kuta Beach.

Why would you want to stay here
I would stay here if I wanted close proximity to the beach, shopping and nightlife, but also needed a high quality hotel with a Spa. More personal and less party. The Alam Kul Kul is great for honeymooners, older people, or people wanting to relax.




Why would you want to stay somewhere else
If you are in Bali for a week with your mates and want to party like a rock star, do not stay at the Alam Kul Kul. If getting blind drunk at the Bounty and staggering home with a local girl are on your agenda, try somewhere else. Families may find the tranquility a bit more than they bargained for.

How do the rooms feel:
The rooms are very clean and well looked after. Beds are large with elegant covers. Beds in the villas are 4-poster. I found the furniture layout in the villas a tiny bit cramped but still comfortable for a couple.

Plenty of Balinese and Javanese design element ranging from natural roofs on the villas, to traditional style furniture, paintings and decoration.

Noise levels:
Noise levels from the road will probably not be a factor and there will definitely be a quiet tone to the hotel itself.

Proximity to the action:
The Alam Kul Kul is located close to the Kama Sutra nightclub on Jl. Pantai Kuta and around the corner from the Aussie friendly bars of Jl. Melasti (Bali Rock, Peanuts etc.). These are all within walking distance. A 5 minute taxi ride will get you to either Kuta or Seminyak.

The Alam Kul Kul is located at the top end of Jl. Pantai Kuta across from the beach. To get to the hotel from the airport takes about 15 minutes depending on traffic. Along the street are nightlife places such as Hard Rock Cafe, Hard Rock Hotel and Kama Sutra. There is also a Circle K handy.

To access Kuta Beach you simply cross the street and find a section of the beach which much quieter than down at the bottom end. The shopping action is very close by, although not in your face. If you walk for a couple of minutes around the corner to Jl. Melasti you will come to the Pasar Seni (art market) selling and the stuff that tourists dream of, t-shirts, watches, DVD's and handicrafts. You will also find family friendly restaurants here and places specializing in Aussie sports. Jl. Legian is close by too with its array of bars and restaurants. For the nightlife scene head down towards the bottom end of Jl. Legian, only a few minutes by taxi, or up to Seminyak, also a few minutes away.

Entering the Alam Kul Kul the first feature you will see is Papa's Restaurant out front. The short driveway and parking area to the hotel is adjacent. As you enter in front you will see the Spa reception, to your left, directly behind the restaurant is the hotel reception. The layout of the Alam Kul Kul is compact and tidy.

There are 3 types of villas available, Alam Villa, Java Villa and Bali Villa as well as 4 categories of rooms including a Family room. The hotel has in 80 rooms in total.

The style and atmosphere of this hotel is obviously boutique. Everything is nicely laid out, decorated and maintained. The hotel reception located inside an air-conditioned room is elegant and simple. The Spa reception is located under an open-air section, surrounding by the sound of running water, Balinese paintings, and comfortable chairs and couches. One gets a sense of tranquility and this is not a party hotel.

Exploring the villas I saw that they were spotlessly clean, simple in color with pale walls and a light brown marble floor. The roof was the star, natural bamboo and alang alang gave a luxurious Balinese feel. The Bali Villa and Java Villa vary slightly but both have the attractive natural roofs and marble bathroom.

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