Accommodation on Jalan Benesari in Kuta Bali

Here is a selection of the accommodation on offer on Jalan Benesari in Kuta. Benesari has a couple of different sections which sometimes refered to by different names, but asking for Jalan Benesari will get you here.

Losman Cempaka (0361) 754744
Jalan Benesari Br. Pengabetan

Located on Benesari opposite Warung Wulan and Warung 96. There is a covered parking area, small reception area and shop.

There are 14 rooms on ground level.

The rooms are extremely basic, shabby walls, cleanliness not that good and bamboo furniture on the porch area.

Rooms have a ceiling fan and a basic bathroom, with hand held shower.

Beds don’t look that comfortable. Breakfast is included.

1 Person 30,000 1 Day
2 Person 40,000 1 Day
1 Person 210,000 1 Week
2 Person 280,000 1 Week

Bali Sandat Inn 2 (0361) 762980
Jalan Benesari

Located next to Circle K and Warung Wulan. This place is only 4 months old and has 30 rooms on 3 levels. There is a left block of rooms and one straight ahead with a swimming pool in the middle.

All rooms have hot water and 7 have A/C.

This is a decent looking place and you can tell the owner is spending some money.

The paint and brickwork looks bright and new.

Rooms are very clean and well kept, beds are comfortable and sheets were clean. The color scheme used is a range of colors from beige to light brown to dark brown. They add to the overall feeling of comfort. There is some smart brickwork in Balinese style and extra touches like quality door and window frames.

Porches are clean and have 2 rattan chairs and a table.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant next door.

I talked to an English traveler who said “Absolutely brilliant, cheap.” He also said “If I brought my fiance here she’d love it and she inspects every corner, top marks from the UK.”

1 Person 80,000 1 Day
1 Person 150,000 A/C 1 Day
2 Person 90,000 1 Day
2 Person 200,000 A/C 1 Day
1 Person 560,000 1 Week
2 Person 630,000 1 Week

Bali Manik Beach Inn (0361) 752740
Jalan Benesari

Located next to Lady’s Travel Agency across from a small temple.

There are 30 rooms on 2 levels. As you walk in you’ll see 1 block of rooms on the left, a central walkway and garden on the right with a small ‘bale’ structure at the end.

At the front of the building is the reception along with a shuttle bus and motorbike rental place.

The hotel has been renovated within the last year. White tiled floor with bamboo furniture. Rooms are basic but value for money with fan.

Bathroom basic. Breakfast included.

I talked to an Aussie traveler who has been coming here for 3 years. He likes the hotel because “They let you do anything.” He said negatives were no A/C and cold shower.

1 Person 40,000 1 Day
2 Person 50,000 1 Day
1 Person 280,000 1 Week
2 Person 350,000 1 Week

Beneyasa Beach Inn
Jalan Benesari

Located next to Suka Beach Inn across from Mr Wayan Tattoo Parlor.

There are 50 rooms in total each with fan.

As you enter you’ll see the left side block of rooms on 1 level, the right side block on 3 levels and the rear block on 3 levels.

Very basic rooms with white tile floor. Clean but with no frills. I noticed the pillows didn’t match.

The porch areas are shady and the garden area is quiet and relaxing. You’ll have to be careful after dark as there is a 1 ½ ft drop into the flower beds.

The bathroom was average and clean with a western toilet and wall mounted shower.

Breakfast is included.

I asked an Australian tourist what he liked about the place and he said “Cheap, staff are friendly, good location.” He said he would come back and that the location is handy for surfers as you can organize trips close by. He said “Value for money, you get what you pay for.”

1 Person 30,000 1 Day
2 Person 40,000 1 Day
1 Person 210,000 1 Week
2 Person 280,000 1 Week

Bali Dwipa Guest House (0361) 751446
Jalan Benesari, Br. Pengabetan

Located opposite Beneyasa guest house.

50 rooms, 2 with A/C & hot water, 7 with hot water only.

The rooms are laid out in 3 levels, the first block is behind the reception desk, the other 2 blocks face each other across a small alley next door.

Rooms are simple and very clean. The manager told me rooms are cleaned everyday.

The room I saw had a ceiling fan with light-attachment which is a step up from the single light bulb that most have. The beds and linen look clean and tidy.

Rooms have a bathtub and western toilet.

The outside includes some Balinese stonework around the archways which adds to the appearance.

Porch furniture in plastic and bamboo.

The ground floor is very shady and the breakfast restaurant is located close to the reception.
Breakfast is included. There are motorbike and car rental facilities at the reception too.

1 Person 40,000 1 Day
2 Person 50,000 1 Day
1 Person 210,000 1 Week
2 Person 350,000 1 Week (420,000 with hot water)

Jalan Benesari

Located down a small alley opposite [email protected] Bali internet caf鬠behind the Bali Indah guest house.

12 rooms, 4 of which are A/C with hot water.

The rooms are set in 2 blocks facing each other with one long tiled porch on each. Rooms are very basic with cleanliness average. There is a small fridge and the furniture looks old.

This place attracts many Japanese guests and sign are in Japanese with Japanese reading material on hand.

The hotels location away from the street is a plus giving it a more relaxed feel.

Bathrooms are simple and have hand held shower and bathtub.

I had to wake up the manager and it seemed like it was too much trouble for him to show me around and answer questions.

Breakfast is included ( if he wakes up).

1 Person A/C 75000 1 Day
2 Person A/C 85,000 1 Day
1 Person 35,000 1 Day
2 Person 45,000 1 Day
No discount for 1 week
Prices negotiable 1 month

Bali Indah Beach Inn
Jalan Benesari

Located opposite [email protected] Bali Internet

15 rooms with fan on 3 levels.

The single block of rooms is very basic and has yellow wall paint that is peeling.

The cleanliness was average, linen and pillow cases clean but the pillows themselves were nasty.

Old dark brown bamboo furniture on porch with white tile floors. The place needs a renovation and the stair wells are nasty.

On the 3rd floor you have to be careful as the balcony is only 2ft high. Some rooms are located close to the street so noise might be a factor.

The bathroom has a wall mounted shower, western toilet ( without seat ).

This place is good for surfers looking to stay in Bali for as long as possible on a strict budget.

It is reasonably close to the surf on Kuta Beach, close to surf tour places and the staff are friendly.

1 Person 25,000 1 Day
2 Person 40,000 1 Day
1 Person 160,000 1 Week
2 Person 250,000 1 Week

Suka Beach Inn (0361) 752793
Jalan Benesari Br. Pengabetan

Located next to Good Luck restaurant, opposite Bali Indah.

50 rooms on 3 levels with fan and hot water.

All rooms face onto a large central courtyard area. Very traditional looking with large intricately decorated temple structures in the middle.

The reception is at the front with elegant stone archway. The hotel has its own store next door.

Buildings have traditional stonework and 1st floor rooms have carved doors and windows.

Well kept grounds and very neat temple structure, plus ponds.

Some of the older lower rooms are dingy inside, so look at a few. Ceiling fan, clean linen, white tile floor.

Each room has private balcony with typical guest house furniture.

Bathrooms have western toilet, wall shower and ‘mandi’.

Car / motorbike rental is available at reception.

I talked to an Australian tourist who said “Good place to stay, its family owned, a lot of surfers stay here.”

Strong points: Atmosphere, decoration.
Weak points: Rooms

Breakfast is included.

1 Person 40,000 (+10,000 hot water ) 1 Day
2 Person 60,000 1 Day
1 Person 280,000 1 Week
2 Person 480,000 1 Week

Bali Duta Wisata (0361) 753534
Jalan Benesari Br. Pengabetan

Located opposite Suka Beach Inn and Good Luck restaurant.

24 rooms with fan in 2 blocks facing each other. Narrow central area leading to pond. Ground level is dark and musty smelling.

Hotel has cream and red/ brown paint job and together with the plants looks attractive from the outside.

The rooms have no atmosphere or decoration and the bottom level are very dark and dingy with 1 light blub giving a semi-dark illumination.

Rooms are very basic, average cleanliness. The bathroom has a wall shower and a western toilet.

I definitely wouldn’t stay on the lower level. This place is right on Benesari so traffic noise could be a problem.

Staff are friendly.




Break fast included.

1 Person 25,000 1 Day
2 Person 35,000 1 Day
1 Person No discount 1 Week

Taman Ayu II (0361) 754376
Jalan Benesari

Located opposite Wirman laundry.

16 rooms on 2 levels. 2 rooms with A/C and fridge.

Reception at the front. Rooms on ground floor are in bungalow style.

Some of the ground floor rooms don’t have a porch. The Larger rooms are the gound floor one with the smaller rooms accessed via a funky spiral staircase.

Bathtub and toilet in a clean bathroom which is simple and neat.

Rooms have ceiling fan and walls are made of bamboo.

Basic okay budget place. Staff are helpful.

No breakfast. Hot tea served in morning.

Single 35,000 1 Day
Double 50,000 1 Day
Triple 60,000 1 Day
Single 70,000 1 Day
Double 100,000 1 Day
Triple 120,000 1 Day

Prices can vary within this range according to having A/C or a fridge.

Weekly rates negotiable based on traffic and time of year.

Jalan Benesari
Located close to the little parade of warungs at the Adhi Dharma Hotel junction.

Around 30 rooms around a central garden in 3 storeys. Seems a decent place.

Desk staff wouldn’t allow a review.

Grade A: Double $15, Single $10 – comes with bathroom & shower
Grade B: Double $20, Single $ 18 – comes with Hot water and AC

Mekar Jaya (0361) 754487
Jalan Benesari

Located down side street off of Benesari behind Kawi Jaya laundry, (same as Adhi Dharma hotel ). You go down through 2 traditional stone columns to the end of a thin driveway.

50 rooms on 2 levels with fan.

Rooms are basic but bright and airy due to the fact that there is a wide balcony area to the front and private balconies to the rear allowing light to penetrate.

White tile floors, plain white walls, ceiling fan.

The wide balcony has no furniture and recieves a lot of sun during afternoons, this can make rooms hot. Private balcony has usual 2 chairs and table. The smaller balconies look out over Jl. Benesari

Clean bathroom toilet, hand held shower.

Beds look clean.

1 Person 50,000 1 Day
2 Person 60,000 1 Day
1 Person No discount 1 Week

Sari Indah
Jalan Benesari

Located down side street off of Benesari behind Kawi Jaya laundry, (same as Adhi Dharma hotel ).

16 rooms on 2 levels with fan.

Elegant archway entrance. This place is a family compound that has been transformed into a guest house. Central large ‘bale’ with many temple structures on site.

Reception at front gate. Central garden.

Basic clean white tiled rooms. Clean bed, sheets. Ceiling fan.

Bathrooms have western toilet, handheld shower.

Porches are shady with bamboo chairs. This is a family owned place and they live here.

1 Person 40,000 1 Day
2 Person 60,000 1 Day
1 Person No discount 1 Week

Lili Gardens Cottages
Jalan Benesari

Located down side street off of Jl. Benesari heading towards Adhi Dharma Hotel.

20 rooms with fan.

Reception is at the front under a bamboo roof along with a restaurant.

Tidy brown brick bungalows arranged around a central garden area. Plenty of bushes and trees give a tropical, relaxing feel.

Very simple rooms with either brown of white floor tiles and white walls. There’s no decoration inside the rooms.

Very clean and tidy grounds.

Bathrooms are simple and clean. Breakfast is included.

1 Person 60,000 1 Day
2 Person 75,000 1 Day
1 Person 350,000 1 Week
2 Person 490,000 1 Week

Beneyasa II Beach Inn (0361) 755469
Jalan Benesari

Located across from small laundry and from the sign that says ‘Legian Street 100m’.

40 rooms with fan.

As you come off the street there is a huge white tiled lobby, bare looking with only a few tables and chairs. Reception is here together with small shop.

Rooms are on 3 levels located to your left as you walk in, with the garden area on the right. 6 more rooms are in the rear block.

The grassy area in the garden is good for sunbathing.

Clean rooms with white tile floor, ceiling fan, clean linen and bed. No decoration in the room which makes it appear plain.

White tiled porch extremely bright in the afternoon sunlight, comes with bamboo furniture.

When I visited there was loud music playing in the store with a small group of locals hanging out. This might be a distracting if you are hoping for peace and quiet.

Western toilet, shower.

Rooms are far enough from the street whereby traffic noise is minimized.

1 Person 30,000 1 Day
2 Person 40,000 1 Day
1 Person No discount 1 Week

Puri Etnik Hotel(0361) 751249
Jl. Melasti Lebak Bene

Located at the sharp bend in the street opposite Cahaya laundry.

55 rooms, some with A/C, some with fan, some hot water, some cold.

As you enter the parking area at the front you will see the reception building in front, with blocks of rooms to the left. Rear and right.

Rooms are on 2 levels. Rooms are small and were all occupied during my visit. Porches are shared by 2 rooms with chairs facing each other.

Small restaurant area with pool table in the back of the reception area.

Swimming pool is small rectangular with ‘bale’ (open shelter ) close by.

Back strip of bungalows have a walkway with garden area.

Bar and larger restaurant area to the left of reception, next to the pool.

Travel desk in lobby, internet service at the front of the hotel.

Rooms also in central building above lobby.

The adjoining upstairs caf頩s not in operation at the moment.

Breakfast included.

Melati Suite Room A/C, Hot/Cold water, TV, Telephone, Mini, Bar Fridge
Melati Suite Room Double $45 1 Night
Melati Suite Room Single $40 1 Night

Anggrek Room A/C or Bungalow with fan, Hot/Cold water, TV, Telephone, Mini, Bar Fridge
Anggrek Room Double $30 1 Night
Anggrek Room Single $25 1 Night
Anggrek Room Extra bed $8 1 Night

Mawar Room A/C or Bungalow with Cold water
Mawar Room Double $20 1 Night
Mawar Room Single $15 1 Night
Mawar Room Extra bed $5 1 Night

Cempaka Room A/C or Bungalow with Cold water
Cempaka Room Double $15 1 Night
Cempaka Room Single $10 1 Night
Cempaka Room Extra bed $3 1 Night

Bruna Beach Hotel (0361) 751565
Jalan Benesari

Located down a long driveway close to Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel.

41 rooms some with A/C some with fan.

The parking area is large and has a banyan tree a one side. The lobby is spacious with locals watching tv.

The bed is comfortable and comes complete with blankets and water jug.

Rooms are set in 2 rows of bungalows with a central garden. Rooms on the left side are older, the right side are fairly new.

Bathrooms look new with bathtub and very nice tile work.

Rooms have nice chairs and table on the porch.

The small rectangular pool is behind the restaurant with satellite dish and pool table.

One funky thing is the 30 ft high concrete wall that separates the hotel from its neighbor.

Breakfast included.

Deluxe Room Single $30 1 Night
Deluxe Room Double $35 1 Night
Bungalows A/C Single $25 1 Night
Bungalows A/C Double $30 1 Night
Family Room $65 1 Night
Extra Bed $10 1 Night
Bungalows Fan, Hot water Single $22 1 Night
Bungalows Fan, Hot water Double $25 1 Night
Bungalows Fan Single $17 1 Night
Bungalows Fan Double $22 1 Night
Extra Bed $9 1 Night

Hotel Camplung Mas (0361) 751580
Melasti Street ( actually still part on Benesari )

Located opposite Vilarisi Hotel.

70 rooms with A/C and hot water.

Large parking area at the front and massive lobby area with reception. Plenty of couches and chairs in the lobby for relaxing.

Cottages set in Balinese style and layout in former family compounds. Each sector has a traditional stone archway and a cement block at the entrance (to prevent bad spirits from entering ).

Each bungalow has its own hand made rock perimeter wall and gate. Bungalows face each other with central garden area.

There is a decent sized pool next to the lobby with pool bar.

The 2 storey block of room is located behind the pool.

This whole place seems huge as most of the 70 rooms are bungalows.

I noticed this place had a large Australian presence.

I wasn’t able to check out a room but get the feeling the rooms are simple and
comfortable. This place is far enough from the street to be relaxing.

Local TV and telephone are provided.

Breakfast is included.

Here are the walk up prices:

1 Person Twin 250,000 1 Night
2 Person Twin 250,000 1 Night
1 Person Double 250,000 1 Night
2 Person Double 250,000 1 Night
Twin 1,575,000 1 Week
Triple 2,170,000 1 Week
Quad 2,590,000 1 Week
Without breakfast subtract 75,000 per night

Here are Baliblog’s prices.

Hotel Puri Tanah Lot (0361) 752281
Jalan Melasti / Lebak Bebe
Located in front of Hotel Camplung Mas

34 rooms, 30 with A/C, 4 with Fan.

As you enter on the left side there are 2 storey rooms separated into 5 small buildings. Same again at the rear of the property with 1 small building.

The right side of the hotel has rooms on 4 levels.

Rooms are fairly clean, okay beds, ceiling fan, TV with 5 international channels.

The room furniture looks old. Bamboo furniture on the porch.

Basic bathrooms with bathtub, handheld shower.

Balinese stonework on some of the rooms provide decoration. All rooms face small central swimming pool which has a ‘bale’ shelter for massage.

The staff work hard at keeping the grounds tidy. The grounds look good with plenty of plants and bushes.

Rooms are set back from the street but some noise can be heard.

Breakfast is included.

Type A Private balcony, poolside, A/C, Hot water, TV, ABF
Type A Single $35 1 Night
Type A Double $40 1 Night
Type A Extra bed $12.50 1 Night

Type B Poolside, A/C, Hot water, TV, ABF
Type B Single $30 1 Night
Type B Double $35 1 Night
Type B Extra bed $12.50 1 Night

Type C A/C, Hot water, TV, ABF
Type C Single $25 1 Night
Type C Double $30 1 Night
Type C Extra bed $10 1 Night

Type D Ceiling Fan, Hot water, TV, ABF
Type D Single $17 1 Night
Type D Double $20 1 Night
Type D Extra bed $10 1 Night

Adus Beach Inn (0361) 755326
Lebak Bena Street

Located opposite Bali Matahari Hotel

27 rooms with A/C or Fan. 6 rooms are on the 2nd level.

As you drive up to the parking area the place looks shabby, but when you go around the first building to the reception you’ll see a nice temple structure with rooms behind.

Family owned compound with the family still living here. Temple structures decorate the property. This place has a family feel. Small swimming pool next to the restaurant.

One set of rooms overlooks the pool. Very pleasant atmosphere here with traditional stonework and natural colors blending together with trees and plants to create a relaxing environment. The temple structures and ‘bales’ ( open-sided covered structures ) add to the Balinese feel of the place.

You have to walk past the family’s dwelling area to access the pool. Their rooms have beautiful carved doors and doorways.

There are newer rooms that are not on the price list yet. I checked out a newer room and it was sparkling clean with good bed and clean linen.

Bathroom was very clean with toilet, bathtub, towel and attractive tiles.

Breakfast is included.

Type A A/C, TV, Hot water 200,000 1 Night
Type B A/C, Hot water 130,000 1 Night
Type C Fan, Hot water 100,000 1 Night
Type D Balinese style,
Fan, Hot 90,000 1 Night
Type E Fan, Cold Water 90,000 1 Night
Type F Fan, Cold Water 80,000 1 Night
Type G Fan, Cold Water 70,000 1 Night

Bali Matahari Hotel (0361)763707

Jalan Melati, Lebak Bene
[email protected]

Located next to the Legian Mas Hotel on the far end of Jalan Benesari close to Jalan Melasti.

This is a decent hotel with clean looking lobby. Parking area is in front with 7 parking spaces that are used for cars and motorbikes.

Reception is to the right, restaurant and bar to the left. Rooms are on 2 storeys.

Through reception are Standard and Family rooms.

Rectangular swimming pool with a traditional ‘bale’.

Rooms have a TV, fridge and bathtub. Very clean. Family rooms have nice large bed.

Room Facilities include: AC, bath and shower, hot water, IDD telephone.

The restaurant serves western and Indonesian food.

Here are the walk up prices:

Standard 1 Night $25
Family (1 room) 1 Night $40
Family (2 room) 1 Night $70

Here are Baliblog’s prices.

The Legian Mas (0361) 755334

Jalan Melasti Gang Labak Bena

Located next to the Bali Matahari Hotel.

12 rooms on 1 level.

From the street you walk down a long alley to the parking area, reception is on the left side.

The hotel is in traditional style with some Balinese stonework and there is a ‘bale’ in the middle of the property.

Rooms are in tightly packed rows around a central garden. They are inexpensive looking with white tile porch area and bamboo furniture.

Ceiling and bedside fan, basic looking bed, with dirty looking walls.

The rooms are below average in cleanliness.

The Bathroom has a western toilet, wall shower, mandi. Walls are stained looking.

The staff were quite friendly.

This place is your ‘low end guest house’ and would be good for someone who’s looking to stay a long time on a low budget. More affordable options are to be found on Poppies II.

The location is 3 minutes from the beach and 30 meters from Jalan Melasti.

The Melasti art market and Peanuts bar on Jalan Legian are close by.

Single 1 Night 40,000rp
Double 1 Night 50,000rp
1 Week Discount 10%

Rosani Hotel (0361) 761044 X58

Jalan Melasti / Lebak Bene
[email protected]

36 rooms on 2 levels. ( 33 Deluxes and 3 Suites).

Located next to the Legian Mas Hotel. Front parking area.

Reception to the right, bar/ restaurant to the left. Happy hour at the bar is 5pm-11pm

2-storey rooms around a central pool in the rear.

The place is pleasant enough though very compact, without too much free space outside the rooms.

Hotel facilities include: Safety deposit box, shuttle service, money exchange, room service.

Room facilities include: AC, TV with international channels, IDD telephone, Bath tub and shower, hot water, outdoor terrace.

Deluxe 1 Night $55
Honey Moon Suite 1 Night $65
Rosani Suite 1 Night $60
Extra Bed 1 Night $10
Baby Cot 1 Night $10

Senen Beach Inn (0361) 755470

Jalan Melasti, Camplung Mas Lane 25

Located about 25 meters from Jalan Melasti and close to the Rosani Hotel.

16 rooms on 1 level.

You walk down a short driveway to find a basic bungalow style guest house. This place is made for a traveler on a budget or a surfer wanting close access to the beach at Pantai Kuta and Jalan Melasti.

Rooms are simple with fan, white tile floor and very little in the way of decoration. Some of the bathrooms are open air which could be a blessing or a pain depending on the amount of mosquitoes around. Wall shower with cold water.

This hotel is family owned and operated.

Tea is served in the morning and I was told breakfast is affordable. The restaurant is open from 8am – 10pm.

The porch area is clean with white tile floor and bamboo furniture.

My take on this place is that its an okay place for a budget traveler/ surfer. Not super styling but not a hole like some of the places I look at.

1 Person 1 Night 30,000rp
2 Person 1 Night 35,000rp
No Discounts

(Last updated Feb 12th 2005)

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