Where to stay in Munduk Bali

The cool thing about Munduk is the weather, its cool! If the heat and humidity of Kuta are getting you down, and Ubud just seems like another tourist trap, Munduk will be a breath of fresh air. There is a small selection of places to stay, enabling you to relax, take it easy, get used to the slow village pace of life and explore the mountain area, on the northern slopes.

Activities such as horse riding, yoga meditation, weaving classes, woodcarving, language classes and a multitude of trekking routes can be arranged at Puri Lumbung Cottages. You can still stay somewhere else and enjoy the activities.

Puri Lumbung Cottages
(0362) 92810 (Mid-range price)




Lumbung Bali Cottages
(0362) 92818 (Mid-range price)

There are also several mid-range homestays in the village. If you are planning to stay in Munduk, its a good idea to make a reservation as accomodation is limited.


A good alternative to staying in Munduk, but one that will leave you in the mountains, is Sanda Butik Villas, located in Sanda, close to Pupuan. This place is set inside a former coffee plantation and is a picture of tranquility.

2 thoughts on “Where to stay in Munduk Bali

  • Geoff

    Hi Nick,
    my wife and I drove to Munduk few years ago. Steep, narrow winding road. Suggest if anyone not confident on these types of roads to get a driver. We stayed at Puri Lumbung and did the cooking class held by a couple of ladies from the local village with a hotel staff member to translate and take notes for us. When they discovered my wife was Balinese she put the pad down and enjoyed the class with us. I would have to say that to this date it was the best Balinese food I have ever had. Accomodation simple with great
    views down to the North coast of Bali.

  • RICH

    Hi Geoff, I did the Munduk drive last week and the road, while winding and steep, was quite manageable (and a beautiful drive), especially now in the low season. We stayed at Puri Lumbung–great restaurant! But the homestays they also manage are cheaper with larger rooms, and I’d recommend that as an alternative.

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