Should we build a Baliblog forum?

Bali forumWe’re considering setting up a forum for Bali Blog, and although Nick is gone as our fulltime host here, we know there are many of you locals and Bali lovers who still check in.

There will also be people planning their first Bali trip stopping by and those people could use some advice from the excellent Bali fans and locals who’ve been around for a while.

So for these reasons, we’d like to put up a forum as a way for people to interact and help each other out with Bali advice and discussions, and make it a completely separate and dedicated Bali forum, as opposed to the BootsnAll Bali forum you now see on this site.




But before we do this, and we’d like to know your thoughts. Would you participate? Do you think this is a good idea, or do you think it’s a dumb idea?

Either way, please let us know in the comments to this post, and if it seems worthwhile we’ll set one up pronto. PS: If you think it’s a bad idea, please give us some reasons why, not just “it sucks” types of responses so we can learn from your input.


24 thoughts on “Should we build a Baliblog forum?

  • putu3au

    A Blog would be a great idea for first time Bali visitors to ask questions and advice I for one will be happy to help with any advice I can answer. It might infact liven up the site. Thanks

  • olivier


    Good to see there’s still life in Bali Blog after Nick left.

    A forum would be a good idea for 1st timers to get tips and infos, but Bali changes so rapidly that someone local need to be in charge.

    Also as with every forum, there will be a need for some policing, advertising and inapropriate posts will eventually surface.

    Other than that a place to talk about Bali is always welcome, will push me even stonger towards my 4th visit….

  • Stephen

    as others have noted, the forum is an important part of the Bali Blog. Please keep it in.
    Looking forward to returning to this beautiful island and its wonderful people very soon.

    Perth W.A.

  • hilton

    Absolutely set one up. A def must! Great for first time visiters. I travel once or twice a year to Bali from Australia holidaying and enjoy tips and hints from other travellers. Yes we need a Nick but lets give it a go anyway.

  • seanjohn

    Hi Roger…

    hmm.. not so sure about that.

    A clear go ahead if you really make it different as the one you have already.

    More user friendly and attractive than the “old” one.

    But remember, there are quite a few good Bali Forums online…

    But it is wort a try.. maybe even you setup categories for “company’s” ( Travel Related ) here in Bali were user can directly contact them or even give criticism 😛

    happy settings

  • John Rybczyk

    Great idea, we have traveled to Bali twice in the last 3 years and will be returning on 26 Feb for 3 weeks. Go Bali. John

  • Clark

    Good idea. I heading that way in couple of months and would appreciate some connection prior to arrival, and a few tips.

  • Margo

    Great idea but agree with Sean, there are a number of good forums on line re Bali now. We travel 2 to 3 times a year to Bali, work permitting and we are always looking for tips from local residents up there, different things to do and go off the “tourist line”. Nick always had interesting stuff in the blog which we read and filed where required.
    Keep it up, more and more local content from the local expates for we repeat offenders who have outgrown the Kuta scene.

  • Ilona

    Hi Roger,

    I liked Nick´s “daily life reports” about his walks along lanes, gangs, the beach, visiting places, doing trips to villages, talking to people, Balinese, Expats (Made Wijaya … ) and visitors about, what has changed, supported by good pictures etc.
    It really made me feel as if I was walking there mayself.
    Plus: good information about restaurants, accomodation and transport, culture, history, different visa etc.
    Nick found a good way to keep visitors in touch with places they have been to and like.
    Please go on this way,

  • Rosco

    Yes.. Keep it going!

    But blogs need monitors to assure the discussions don’t drift into unappropriate discussions!


    At last some movement in the camp. An exelent idea but the forum would definatly have to have some local imput. I have traveled to bali four times since 2000 and will return this year with two new visitors to the island so it would be good to have some local info before ariving.Go for it. You will have support for a forum.

  • Julie Hickey

    Do set one up. Not only great for first time visitors but returning visitors as well. Really miss Nick.

  • Mika

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    Sounds like most everyone thinks it’s worth a go, so we’ll get it built quick as we can and will let you know when we have something up.

    We also miss Nick. Hopefully he’ll stop by and say hello in the new forum every now and again as a way to keep in touch.

    Thanks for your input – much appreciated!

  • Gina Putland

    Please,please.keep it going.its a daily ritual.
    I travel to Bali every four months on buisness
    and it keeps me up to date with whats happening.

  • Rich


    You two need to go down to Ku De Ta, have a couple of cocktails and talk how about how important you are. Nick was Bali Blog.

  • Jason


    what when the new person take over from Nick. Will u give her or him a bad time. Nick has gone. He did a good job.

  • cox

    wow bali bloq have change what a great! website.
    I like the way it is now compared to old one,i have not access balibloq for2 years ,reason was everytime i access it its all about nick and his family which bored me and not much about sorrounding and other expat i think talk back and bloq forum are nice.

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