Seaside Restaurant: Legian Bali

seaside restaurantSeaside Restaurant is located in the same location as the old Cafe Warna. The restaurant sits in front of the relatively new Seaside gym, the place that is responsible for my huge ‘wheels’ and bulging ‘guns’. My sister-in-law told me the food was good there, so I take that as a good recommendation.

Here’s what the menu looks like

EveryDay is Special Menu – including Monday Cheese Burger in Paradise, served from 12pm-7pm, for 32,000rp. Taco Tuesday, served from 3pm-7pm, for 10,000rp. Wednesday Surf & Turf, served from 5pm-11pm, (mahi-mahi for 29,000rp, tenderloin for 55,000rp). Thursday Pizza, served from 12pm-5pm, for 10,000rp. Friday Fajitas, served from 5pm-11pm, for 27,000rp. Saturday Happy Hour, from 12pm-7pm. Sunday Surf & Turf, served from 5pm-11pm, (mahi-mahi for 29,000rp, tenderloin for 55,000rp).

Starters – including Prawn Pot Sticker (soy, garlic, ginger, spring onions, sesame dipping sauce) for 16,000rp

Soup – including Tom Yum (fresh seafood served with rice butter & prawn chips) for 22,000rp

Salad – including Spicy Calamari (with Asian herb, lemon, palm sugar and chili dressing) for 22,000rp

Sandwiches – including New York Meatballs (fresh tomato sauce, parmesan, melted mozzarella) for 25,000rp




Burgers – including On D’Wing (chicken burger, grilled chicken breast, grilled onion, tomato chutney & mixed greens) for 29,000rp

Pizza – including Calzone (chicken with mushrooms & mozzarella, spinach with ricotta & mozzarella) for 34,000rp

Kids – including Mini Pizza for 13,000rp

Pasta – including Cannelloni Stuffed (spinach, ricotta, tomato & basil) for 35,000rp

Specials – including Pan Fried Fillet of Snapper (with caramelized roasted pumpkin & mixed greens) for 55,000rp


Mexican – including Chimi Changa (crisp flour tortilla, Mexican rice & bean, chicken / beef / prawn) for 29,000-32,000rp

Asian – including Bebek Goreng (crisp fried half duck, with rice, butter, herbs and Indonesian sambal matah) for 45,000rp

Sweets – including Ace Mango Banana (fresh mango, banana raja, rum, vanilla ice cream & whipped cream) for 25,000rp

Come and check out Seaside Restaurant, you might find something you rave about.

Seaside Restaurant
Jl. Pantai Arjuna #14
Double Six / Legian Kaja

5 thoughts on “Seaside Restaurant: Legian Bali

  • Peter Botha

    I wish to contact Nick again. We meet in Kuta 2 0r 3 years ago. I have lost his mobile number and will be in bali , hopefully for 3 weeks.

    I should arrive 7th march and will hopefully be staying with friends in Jl Pantai Kuta. Kayangan Suci 9A With Mr Wayan Sinah and family.

    I will be in Tembok with Komang and her sisters for Nyepi. ( My treat for them)


  • Ann

    Had a great meal at Seaside, but getting there due to the roadworks was interesting. None of the nearby vendors knew of the restaurant.

  • rob

    have beeb there recently with my girlfriend..but i guess we had picked the wrong dish from the menu: european food: chopsticks etc, and it was not so good at all.
    But the prices and surrounding are making it up a bit, so…

  • Anne van Riel

    Had 3 lovely meal’s here during March 2007, will definatly go back when in bali again. Fajita friday’s are a bargain and you get lovely presented fajita’s on a sizzling hot plate. Very friendly and efficient staff, beautiful surroundings and decor. Loved it.

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