Pantai Seseh Canggu Bali

sawahCanggu is fast developing into the next big expat area and certain beaches are popular hangouts for the western crowd. One such beach is Echo Beach, with a string of beach side warungs and The Beach House restaurant, famous for its night time bbqs and live music. Some of Canggu’s beaches are still undeveloped and the other day I checked one out.

Pantai Seseh is reached by following the main road Jl. Raya Canggu) towards Canggu. Reaching the big tree at the intersection in Munggu, with the sate sellers camped out and attracting locals, you hang a left towards the coast. The next 10 minutes are a dream come true as far as lovely quiet sawah. Looking around you’ll see no villas, few shops and views of the coast. The beach itself is nothing to shout about and locals with gather before sunset to gaze at the waves and the setting sun.

beachPantai Seseh is rugged and windswept, with dark volcanic sand. One can spot the remnants of ceremonies scattered around and see all the way to the southern end of Kuta Bay. Heading back one can hang a left and take a slow cruise back to the main road via narrow local lanes. The look on the faces of the surprised locals is worth the trip and in places you will see sweeping sawah and locals tending it. Some sections of the ricefields are in different stages and it can be interesting to see the ripening crop next to a section young shoots. Pantai Seseh can be reached within 40 minutes from Kuta via the Sunset Rd, Jl. Raya Kerobokan and Jl. Raya Canggu. Back out at the tree on the main road you can hang a left and continue to Tanah Lot, or visit The Beach House for a cold Storm beer. Its all here for you if you have some transport and time.





4 thoughts on “Pantai Seseh Canggu Bali

  • michael

    We recently stayed in a lovely Villa in Seseh. Tamu Seseh. Pedaling bikes around the neighbourhood provided some great photo opportunities.
    Even though Seseh is a small village there is nearly 15 similar villa developments tucked away down little gangs around town.

    Yes its a hike to get to Kuta or Ubud, but its not far from Echo Beach and a Seminyak is not that far away. We loved the area.


  • Rosco

    Won’t Canggu need more roads or better roads before there is more investment? Is there going to be a bypass to Tanahlot?

  • Bali Tour Guide

    Bypass is surely will be build just need more things to do especially with crowded area like umalas and seminyak..

    Seseh village is good place to be near to seminyak 20 minutes less..

  • Rosco

    Thanks for the news.. I have not been able to hear about this bypass other than just word of mouth.

    I do have a question. What will be done to the busy areas like umalas? How will they deal with all of the people that have houses in the area?
    Or is the land already claimed.

    I love seseh and I am just wondering if it will be upscale like Seminyak in 10 years..?

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