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tuna steakMy choice for lunch today was Nomad on Jl. Raya Ubud. Why you might ask, am I continually taking my guests to western restaurants. There are a few reasons, which include, having a mixed group (men, woman, kid), the kid may not like Indonesian food, but will like a smoothie, Ubud has great food and elsewhere on the island, they may have to settle for simpler fare. Nomad is located on the same side of the road as Cafe Moka, they are one block apart. Seating in open air, inside and the staff are very nice. Our group ordered a burger, shrimp salad, chicken satay, myself ordering a tuna steak.

We were all impressed and Toby said he was surprised I called this a mid-range place, as back in the US it would be fine-dining. My tuna steak was presented in a fancy way and was delicious, sitting atop a giant potato cake with stir fried vegetables.

Nomad’s menu:

Starters including lumpia (spring rolls) (13,000rp)

Delicious Sandwiches
including Vegetarian Club Sandwich (25,000rp)

Salad including Green Papaya Salad (15,000rp)




Yummy Soup including Fresh Prawn Laska (26,000rp)

Balinese Tapas
including Chicken Betutu (choose any 9 pieces for (45,000rp).

Home Made Pasta including Pumpkin Ravioli (30,000rp)

Main Course including Tuna Fillet Steak (35,000rp)

Desserts including Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake (25,000rp)


There is also a range of coffees and drinks.

Nomad (‘Your oasis of taste’ as the card says)
Jl. Raya Ubud #35

5 thoughts on “Nomad : Ubud Bali

  • John D

    Any chance of making all of the great pictures you post larger? They are so small and sometimes it is hard to see the details. Keep up the good work!

  • petra

    hi nick, how can i see your picture of the day on your gallery? i used to be able to see them on your gallery. but now its nowhere to be found. keep up the good work Nick!! Merry christmas and happy new year 2007.

  • debra

    My sister and I love Nomad and their recent improvements. In past years it was always delicious and it is nice to see this once favorite Ubud establishment doing well again. The fillet Mignon is superb and under $5 with a beautiful presentation. We dine there at least once a week when we are in town. Love it! Will be the first western style restaurant we go to when we return in a week.
    The first place will be the Bukittinggi Padagng Resturant on Jalan Raya Tuban, the best Padang food on the island!

  • Jan

    We are looking for the e-mail adres of Nomad.
    If you no the adres please let us now.



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