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by Nick on February 7, 2007

by Nick | February 7th, 2007  

climbing wallKuta Galeria is the fancy project located at the bottom of the Sunset Rd in Kuta. It offers an American style, open-air mall, with creatively designed shops. Not strictly on the tourist trail, Kuta Galeria doesn’t attract the number of people, its designers probably hoped for. Still, there are some good businesses operating there and with plenty of space yet to be filled, we can enjoy watching Kuta Galeria grow. Among the cool ‘extras’ is a climbing wall, located outside X-treme Store. Anyone can have a go, don’t worry about there being no ropes, just don’t look down. Among the businesses I have used in the Galeria, are Ace Hardware and Blueline ISP. Among the newcomers to Kuta Galeria is Warung Batavia. This popular Seminyak warung, served authentic Javanese style food. I love the fish soup with tangy vegetables.

warung bataviaThe staff today told me Warung Batavia Kuta Galeria has the exact same menu as its sister outfit. You will find tofu, tempe, an array of vegetable dishes, chicken, fish and beef. The food is generally not pedas (spicy hot) and has some interesting sauces. If you are getting some supplies at ACE, stop over and get some delicious food.

The large wooden warung style tables outside are great for relaxing, and enjoying the shade. The warung is open daily from 9am-6pm.

Warung Batavia
Jl. Patih Jelantik
Kuta Galeria

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Andri February 11, 2007 at 11:29 pm


Re: my earlier question abt the climbing wall.

You mentioned no ropes??

Kinda odd for a wall with no ropes :)

( unless its a bouldering wall, but the picture indicates otherwise)


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