Komodo Diving: Liveaboards in Indonesia

Last night I chatted to an Australian couple who have been diving in Indonesia recently. Everyone has their favourite places and experiences with dive sites, operators and supporting infrastructure.

The couple had spent time in Gili Trawangan, which is a cozy place for divers to go, given the choice of operators in a small area, relaxed area and restaurants. Gili Trawangan is not one of the best dive sites in Indonesia, but the couple said they had good diving. Spending 7 days on a liveaboard boat in Komodo, which included the session of heavy winds we felt recently, they raved about the diving out there. The husband told me fish were so thick you couldn’t even see a person 2 meters away. There were rays, sharks and many types of coral. A nightdive they did was specatacular with the multitude of colors that came about. As a bonus they even got to see the Komodo dragons ashore.

Komodo doesn’t have any facilties for tourists, so you’re basically just passing through and divers have to go on a liveaboard. The couple used a boat operated by Blue Marlin, who have an office in Gili Trawangan and recommend it, they booked on line.




Eastern Indonesia, whether it be Komodo, Ambon, the Banda’s or Irian Jaya, offers the best variety of marine life in the world.


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One thought on “Komodo Diving: Liveaboards in Indonesia

  • Kim M

    I did the same liveaboard as the couple you mentioned, the Komodo trip through Blue Marlin Dive on the Ikan Biru (“Blue Marlin”) in early September 2006. It was one of the best weeks of my life! Great boat (I slept on the deck under the stars), awesome divemaster (with 500 dives in the region – imagine), and the most astonishingly beautiful diving I have ever seen. I would hrecommend this trip most highly.
    For first-time visitors or those who simply like to avoid hassles, I’d also recommend pre-booking the car and boat transfers from Mataram airport in Lombok through Blue Marlin. The port with the boats to Gili Trawangan is notoriously full of hardcore scammers. All easily avoided if you book the transfer (and take the fast boat!).

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