Hot tips for Indonesian food in Seminyak Bali

Living in Bali means a lot of things, including getting used to and appreciating Indonesian food. I enjoy Indonesian food twice a day, just not at 7am and definitely not the greasy kind. There are a couple of favourite Bali food places that I have shared with other friends who have been equally impressed.

Finding places that are affordable, have a good selection, serve tasty food and are reliable is the trick. Its okay finding a cheap nasi goreng, but you’ll get sick of it after a couple of times. The 3 places I’ll mention offer great food for a low price.

Warung Murah
Jl. Double Six
This place is open daily from around midday through evening. There is a large display case of vegetable, fish, chicken, sate and other items. A set of silver trays contain steaming hot potatoes, sapi rendang (sliced beef in spicy coconut sauce), Balinese chicken and fish. They also have some evil green sambal which will burn a hole in the sole of your boot. A plate usually costs me 16,000rp and its always good.

Locating Warung Murah is easy. Heading towards the beach on Jl. Double Six, go past the left hand turn off and look out for the warung with the large Marlboro sign on the right.




Warung Kolega
Jl. Petitenget
This warung specializes in lunch. Opening around 11am the best time to go is between then and 12 noon. The crowd rolls in at noon and you’ll have to line up. Food selection features a whole array of vegetables and meats in various sauces, cooked in Javanese style. Great ikan sambal and bbq chicken. A large plate of food might cost 15,000rp.

You can get to Warung Kolega by following Jl. Oberoi round past Hu’u another couple of minutes, or take Jl. Petitenget from the traffic lights in Kerobokan and follow it round for a couple of minutes. Warung Kolega is the busy place with the blue sign.


Ayam Bakar / Ikan Bakar
Gang Plawa (across from Jl. Dhyana Pura)
This little place is located down the lane between the Sunset Rd and Jl. Seminyak, on the right side. Seating is at low Indonesian style tables, or at the western style table in the middle. The ayam bakar (grilled chicken) is great and the ikan bakar (grilled fish) is fun to get into. Everything is eaten without the aid of cutlery and served with rice and lalapan (raw vegetables) and hot sambal. I took 5 adults and 2 kids in there the other week for dinner. We had 8 ayam bakar, 2 ikan bakar, 2 plates of tempe and tofu, 6 portions of rice and lalapan plus 7 drinks. Total price 135,000rp.

Give these places a try, they are all winners!

2 thoughts on “Hot tips for Indonesian food in Seminyak Bali

  • Norah

    When Indonesian food is mentioned, it is always the protein part- fish, chicken, etc. Now that it is known how vitally important copious amounts of green leafy and orange vegetables are to health, are there places which serve lots of these with the protein? Saturated fats such as palm oil are killers. Any places which used only olive, canola, etc? And whole-grain rice? This isn’t being picky – it’s a matter of healthy life, very well known now. More needs to be considered besides taste in articles about where to get good food.

  • Faieza

    Hi Nick! I’m going to Bali tomorrow! Been reading your blog for a while now but never commented :-p
    Anyways, I’ll be going with 3 other girl friends and we are all Muslims. Honestly I don’t have any issues eating at a pork serving place but one of us is and it wouldn’t be right for the others to pig out (no pun intended) while she’s on hunger, hehe.

    So my Q is, are these places you mentioned pork free? If not, do you have other good places (that does not burn a whole in our not so deep pocket) to recommend?

    Thanks Nick!

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