Gili Trawangan accommodation

Looking at a map of Gili Trawangan, you will see that most of the accommodation is located on the south eastern side of the island. This is also the location of most everything else, such as bars and restaurants. For people with money, the best place to stay is probably Vila Almarik on the NE side. A good budget option is Pondok Lita, just inland from the Beer Shack on the SE coast. Being close to the ‘action’ in Gili Trawangan, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as its not an ‘all night rocking party’.

Here are some of the accommodation options.

Pondok Lita – Family owned and operated budget accommodation. Located close to all the action.

Sirwa Homestay – In a line of 4 rooms, quite new, with porch and bathroom. Located on the NE coast.




Nusa Tiga – Located on the NE caost. Basic rooms, salt water shower, although a gallon jug of river water can be arranged. Very quiet, but you have to take a horse andd cart to the SE part of the island, or face a 30 minute walk.

Mid range:
Dream Divers – Located on the east side of the island, just north of Big Bubble. There is a choice of mid range or budget rooms, restaurant and dive center in front.
(0370) 634496

Trawangan Cottages – Located on the SE coast, just south of Dive Indonesia. Okay cottages with cold water and fan. close to the action.


Vila Alamrik – Located on the NE coast, this Italian owned place has a nice pool, AC, hot water, great rooms.
(0370) 638520

Vila Ombak – located on the southern side of the island, pretty much at the end of the cute little brick road. Combo of traditional design places and bugalows. Cold water, AC good rooms.
(0370) 642336

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