CBN Internet Service Provider: Kuta Galeria Bali

cbn internet baliThe number of ISP’s in Bali is increasing and a new one I came across recently, is CBN, located in the Kuta Galeria. CBN has a smart, ground floor office and when I stopped by the receptionist invited me to take a seat and learn more about the service. CBN serves it’s customers by using a similar system to Blueline, which is a fixed antenna mounted on your roof, that connects to a ground line somewhere. No phone line is necessary for this service, although there is a 1m rp aktivasi (activation) and 2m rp instalasi (installation) charge.

A range of bandwidth options are available, starting at 2,750,000rp per month for a dedicated LAN (48 Kbps), up to 88,000,000rp per month for dedicated 2 Mbps).

PT. Cyberindo Aditama (CBN Internet)
Istana Kuta Galeria PM 3/8
Jl. Patih Jelantik





2 thoughts on “CBN Internet Service Provider: Kuta Galeria Bali

  • Old Teak

    Ouch that is expensive. 88mil per month, wow are you sure? If so I am coming back to Bali now and starting my own isp

  • sjbali

    @ NICK

    the same amount ISP are growing, the same closing everyday, about regulations and of course money for costumer relations and service.
    Bali is small and you need an good amount of costumer to get profitable.
    Dont forget the investment for the hardware which is not paid by the 2mill installation cost.
    etc. etc.

    A good thing is the ADSL is slowly starting all over Indonesia and we can hope, that one day the infrastructure will get better and the Indonesian company’s will understand to make profit.
    Not only with couple of costumer because of being expensive, but get the profit out from a lot of them.

    The other thing is service, all ISP in Bali still more or less in TRAIL….

    Lets see and hope !!

    @Old Teak

    Well thinking about it, the regulations in Bali are very hard ( for licenses etc. ) and thats make it expensive, if you rent your own satellite even more. (( German man who tried it, his story here: ) @nick have a look to šŸ˜‰ )

    I work as an reseller for globalxtreme, i can see how less the profit is.

    I think in Indonesia it is now like Europe 10years ago, i waiting some big company’s will enter the marked and everyone can have a DSL or cable connection for an normal price.

    I use now an 256kbit connection, unlimited for 1.1mill a month and i think its almost the best you can do in bali, if you need not much speed but an 24/7 unlimited traffic connection.

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