Beaches in Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa used to have a good beach, but it washed away, because the locals destroyed the reef for lime. That is a well known story. There is however a bit of beach left, and I checked it out this weekend.

Between Senkidu to the west and Candi Dasa, there is a small section of beach. The main road runs very close to the shore in this part of Bali and its easy to stop and take a look. In the evenings, young Balinese like to park their bikes and chat here, its the local hangout scene.

The Lotus Restaurant has a nice little chunk of beach next to it, a low tide anyway. Lotus Restaurant is right there at the entrance to the Candi Dasa main street. At the far end of the main street, the road curves to the left and heads off into the boonies. If you keep going straight, you will drive down what feels like a quite lane, but one that is lined with small hotels. There is also a sign saying ‘The Beach’, which I followed. The sign directed me through a nice boutique hotel, staff saying ‘no problem’. At the pool overlooking the waters edge, at massage lady working for the hotel, asked if I wanted one. I told her I was ‘glee’ (spelling?) which means, ‘ticklish’.




Down on the beach a couple of kids played around. I hopped down onto the beach and jumped in the water, which was pleasant. The waves break here off of the reef, so it perfectly safe to swim. During my soak, a young Balinese approached and asked what my ‘program’ was. I tinkered with the idea of saying “Windows 95, but my brain needs an update.” Asking your program, is a sport in Candi Dasa, many people wanting to hook you up with a boat providing snorkeling. This guy quoted my 150,000rp for 1 hour. He also asked me where I was staying. When I said Flamboyant (= budget = I don’t have much money), he said “Okay I can make cheaper.” If I had of said “Amankila”, he would of probably offered me a ‘deluxe boat’ for just $50 an hour.

Riding to the very end of the beach and coming to a headland, I snapped a photo looking back.
Sections of white beach were around, with not too many people on them. Maybe next time I come to Candi Dasa, I’ll try one of the hotels in this part of town.


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  • dfbracken

    I’ve stayed on that road in Candidasa a few times. It is really nice. Nick forgot to mention the plots of land between the hotels with local houses with cows, pigs, and of course chickens. Walking down the lane you get to really stop and talk with the locals. The actual village is past the end of the lane on a small path.
    I’ve stayed at that “boutique” hotel. It is a timeshare with interesting rooms. The next hotel down, Gengong, is where I usually stay. Nick, you should have walked down the beach to it. It has the biggest beach with about 12 feet of beach even at high tide. It is the one in your photos with all the fishing boats. The small budget place has a huge grass and tree lawn next to the beach. At 7 AM, it is fun to wander out and watch the fishing boats come in. The whole families work at the effort, with the woman carrying off the nets on their heads, of course.
    As to the fisherman, they will only go down to 100,000Rp for the short snorkel. It will be longer than 1 hour for no more if you want. WHen I was there, they hired me as their “tout” to try to help them get more business. Candidasa has very few tourists and most are not the type who are game to go out in a small local boat. So there is lots of competition. Most fisherman are excited if they get 1 snorkel tour every 2 days. The fish are now sporatic in the area, so they don’t even go out everyday.

  • kim

    My husband and I own the house next to the rice fields next to the Tengenan turnoff .When in Candidasa we swimm in front of the police station at low tide,the water is crystal clear ,and all the local children come and chat and play with us in the water .We so enjoy it as my children are half aussie half Balinese and the children mix well .They always find us when we arrive ,language is no barrier for any of them .
    Kim and Komang

  • Rex

    The boutique hotel is Shangrila. I’ve never stayed there, but was invited to a great birthday party there a few years ago.

    I’ve stayed a couple of times at Resor Prima at the top end of the beach and at Puri Oka, which is the next place on.Resor Prima used to be one of the best bargains in Bali, but I’ve been told that they’ve renovated and put the price up.

    Nice little beach for a swim and plenty of live coral and fish to see if you swim out past the breakwater.

    A few years ago I stayed at Flamboyant for 4 days, the cottage on the right next to the ocean. Maybe the same one as you.

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