Map of Lovina

Here is a map of Lovina showing villages and streets.

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6 thoughts on “Map of Lovina

  • Mike Fitz

    I am planning my 3rd successive trip to bali from the UK and all because of the magic of the area near Lovina. Find Bob and get him to take you to the Magic Garden.(This has to be a special hike). Stay near Anturan and eat fresh fish barbequed on the beach. Very friendly people without the aggressive hawkers of Lovina itself. I cant wait for August 17th when I arrive …..

  • Nick

    The map of Lovina looks very simple, but if you pass your pointer over the different areas you will be able to click and get that map.

  • Luh

    hi, I am loooking for friends of alumni SMAN 3 1992 penarukan singaraja. hopely, someone will answer my e-mail.

  • leelin

    lovina..?? how about loving-all??
    i have also came across a web tt say…
    lovina=love indonesia
    lovina=”love” that is contained “in” the heart of all people

  • Pepy

    hi Leelin!remember me?i am i am 1992 graduated too..,what is your full name? please post it in this site, thx

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