Bali newspapers

Bali has a selection of newpapers offering local, national and international news. Most expats browse either the Jakarta Post for a world view, and latest update on national Indonesian news. Jakarta Post is in English and comes out daily.

International Herald Tribune is another English language newspaper that comes out daily and features much the same info as the Jakarta Post.

Bali Advertiser is a free English language paper, featuring Bali news and ads. It is useful for finding info on employment, accommodation, cars / motorbikes for sale and other items of interest. Bali Advertiser comes out twice monthly.

Bali News is published in Sanur and is a very much slimmed down version of the Bali Advertiser. It is free, comes out every 2 weeks and includes international, national and local news.




Bali Pos is an Indonesian language paper featuring international, national and local news.

If you are staying in a decent hotel there are usually newspapers available in the lobby, or at breakfast. Many restaurants & cafes also have them available to read.


One thought on “Bali newspapers

  • John-Paul E.

    Dear Nick,
    your information is very helpful.
    The BALI NEWS you mentioned is probably the BTN – Bali Travel News, which has also an Indonesian and a Japanese language section, if I am not mistaken. Thene there is also The Bali Times every Friday, with collected news from the world and the nation.

    Futhermore I like to point out, that Bali visitors can now enjoy the comfort of reading daily newspapers from over 60 countries in 35 languages on the same day of publication here on Bali. They just order them with NEWSPAPER DIRECT, a 24/7 service (phn.: 769414), who deliveres the requested issue in minutes to your hotel or villa anywhere between Nusa Dua and Ubud. The reception or GRO of the resorts can arrange it for the guests.
    Best sellers are the Dutch newspapers, beside of Australian and British newspapers. But also French, German and Italian newspapers are much requested. Of course they provide also Korean and Japanese newspapers. All are delivered on the same day of publication, even available for breakfast.
    Try it out!


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