Adzan: A Muslim prayer in Indonesia

Indonesia is the World’s most populous Muslim country. Everyday at sunset (Jakarta time), a Muslim prayer called Adzan, is broadcast across the nation on TV. Ika explained that Adzan is a call to prayer for Muslims. Entirely in Arabic, Adzan features a stern male voice, singing and then reciting. Some of the words say that God is great and call people to pray.

During the 2 minute long prayer, images are rotated on the screen from all over Indonesia. These include the sun setting over rice fields, fishing boats at the coast, people in cities. Its supposed to say that wherever you are in Indonesia, this prayer is for you. Ika and her relatives say they like to hear it.

Here is part of Adzan, you’ll have to turn up your speaker volume to get the real feeling.





2 thoughts on “Adzan: A Muslim prayer in Indonesia

  • Cathleen C.

    Anyone else have trouble with the Adzan? Won’t play for me & I really wanted to hear it, wanted to go back for a moment to that first morning in Yogya when we jumped out of bed to see what on earth the loud noise was at such an early hour. Kind of grows on you after a while.

  • kirin

    Dear Cathleen C,
    You can listen to adzan whenever you like. You can download it from It will also automatically call for pray 5 times a day. Feels like those days when you were in Indonesia. Take care.

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