We have a baby in Seminyak Bali

Ika gave birth to Jevon (3.86kg) at 6pm on Jun 30th, as already mentioned. They are both healthy and its great to get all of us home to Seminyak.

We are just getting used to our new situation and and it will be a major change for sure. I have documented the whole process with some pretty knarly photos!

Ika was very brave and is glad its all over and I am the lucky dad.





17 thoughts on “We have a baby in Seminyak Bali

  • Rhys Lloyd

    Congratultions on your new arrival….for some reason I seem to have been following your baby progress and just logged on to see the photos….well done
    Kind Regards
    Rhys Lloyd (Perth WA)

  • Barrie

    G’Day Nick,

    Son like father…Nice foto mate. Fatherhood suits you!.

    Have ya changed a nappy yet?????

  • Mary

    Congratulations, Nick and Ika. He looks beautiful and healthy – another little miracle!

  • Canucki Chris

    Awwwww!!!! Cute shots!!!

    I hope you got back in time & didn’t miss the birth while you were in S’pore.

    He’s got lots of thick healthy hair already. Very sweet.

    Congratuations again Ika & Nick.

  • Di

    How exciting for you all. Big congrats and enjoy every little moment ’cause it goes too quick! Love the name too. Well Done!

  • Josh

    Wow, good for you guys… Congrats Nick & Ika. I’ll see you in May 2006 with the big boy.

  • Tira

    To Ika and Nick,

    selamat/ congrats to both of you. The baby is so cute and adorable 🙂

  • Fawzee

    awwwww…u look good with the baby nick.. kiss him for me eh ..;D and tell ika to kiss for siti.. gd luck again for another breed of “boley” born in bali.. :p

  • Bob & Margaret

    Congratulations you guys. See what the cool weather does to you! David & Chrissa are having Rachel Christened tomorrow. Cheers.

  • scottycol

    well done ika & nick, on the birth of your first born beautiful baby JEVON, i hope you have a long happy family life ahead. (born on the blog)….

    good luck traceyd & dede also… scottycol…

  • Tracey.D.


    Ika & Nick Congrtulations on a gorgeous, beautiful, handsome & healthy Baby Boy… Jevon is a perfect name for him, Ika you look absolutely radiant & Nick you look so proud, I have a tear in my eye, he is gonna be so big by the time we get there in Nov, with our little bundle!!!!

    I have to call Dede now to tell him, so proud of you both, give him big cuddles from Aunty!!!!

    Yippeee, now I gotta go read everything…. So I miss NOTHING!

  • Angie

    I can’t believe it . . . I miss a few days and look what happens!! Congratulations Nick & Ika, and thanks guys for sharing such an important event in your lives with us all. Will be there in a few weeks for a cuddle 🙂

    Love Angie

  • Nick


    Yeas, look what’s happens when you move to Indonesia! Jevon looks forward to a cuddle with Auntie Angie

  • Tracey.D.

    Angie, be sure to give him a big cuddle to from Auntie Tracey!!!!!

    Nick you’ll have to go check out (for me & you) the Kids Toy shop at the Discovery Mall, I am interested in prices of the baby leap pad frog book thingy!!!!

    Ha ha, that really wasn’t much help, but heard they have them there!!!!

    Ok Gotta keep reading!

    P.S. Mum & Denise say a huge Congratulations too!!!!

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