Schools in Bali

Jevon is growing fast. Now almost 7.5 months and 8kgs, he is noticing more and more. We want him to interact with other kids and at some point he’ll be in a playgroup. Ika tends to pander to him 24/7 and we noticed he is a bit shy with other people. The sooner he is in pre-school the better.

After that we have to decide where to put him. My friend who had a 7 year old daughter told me that in the Balinese school the kids will be friendly, but after Jevon tells the kids what he gets away with and they tell their parents, the parents will say ‘stay away from that bule kid’. It happens to everyone. In the end campur (mixed) kids end up befriending each other.

The Balinese schools look pretty basic to me and the International schools turn the kids into little snobs. My friend recommended the Catholic school. I can’t remember where it is but it close to Kuta, Tuban maybe.

Here are some of the schools in the Kuta / Sanur / Seminyak area.

Australian International School
Jl. Raya Kerobokan, 44 Banjar Taman
(0361) 739627

Australian International School Super Kids Centre
Jl Raya Kerobokan #100a
(0361) 735860

Bali International School
Jl. Danau Buyan 4,
(0361) 288770




Canggu Community School
Jl. Pantai Berawa,
(0361) 415554

Doremi School
Jl. Tukad Yeh Aya #88
Renon, Denpasar
(0361) 244779

Dyatmika School
Jl. Pucuk Sekar Bawana
(0361) 461874

Lollypop Pre school
Gunung Salak Street,
(0361) 7447788 / 7446655

Pelangi Jimbaran

Jl. Nuansa Utama Raya #3, Kori Nuansa
(0361) 7460375 / 7460376

Red Rocket Playgroup and Kindergarten


Sanur Independant School
Jl. Tukad Nyali Gang SMU 6, #3
(0361) 286554

Sunrise School
Jl. Merthasari Br. Pengubengan Kauh,
(0361) 735828

Taman Kanak Kanak Dana Kesuma
(0361) 286609

Taman Kanak-Kanak Montesorri School
Jl. Oberoi #66x Kerobokan
(0361) 730028

Umalas Village Private School
(0361) 736463

13 thoughts on “Schools in Bali

  • Indo Gal in Santa Barbara

    this is the article that I’ve been looking for!
    Schools in Bali.

    I’m in a stage of selling my idea to my husband of moving back to Bali, but we concern about the schools where our children will go. Though, I’m a local school product and turned out to be fine (well, at least for people who love me) ;-), still if it comes down to your own kids, you’ll try to get the best.

    Our kids are now in Montessori School(preschool & pre-k), and we love that school. We would be happy if there’s any school that close to what Montessori offers, would be a great positive thing to pack our bags and leave.

    So, personally, which school do you prefer to send Jevon to?
    I don’t care about snob, as long as it’s a good school.. I think parents involvement as important as teachers, etc to educate the kids about moral values, etc.

    Thanks for any insights. 😉

  • Rex

    I would be concerned that the Catholic school may want to instill the Christian version of Sharia Law into little kids not old enough to be able to make a rational judgement. I’m not opposed to Christianity BTW, no more than I am opposed to Hinduism and Islam, but I don’t like the brainwashing and control which often seems to be part of religious schools. I went to one myself [in England] and I recognised the hypocrisy at an early age. I don’t suppose anything has changed.

  • Eddie Tansil

    The ” Catholic ” School Soverdi in Tuban is so called because Catholics run it. Not because they’re teaching Catholosism.
    The criteria for finding a good school in Bali is to determine weather the school has the best interests of the children at heart or are simply interested in collecting school fees for profit.

    Parents of children that attend local schools may view the students of International Schools as “snobs” because of financial inadequacy.

    Being Red, Green, Yellow or Polka Dotted doesent matter to children..they are influenced by their peers and become biased when they reach adulthood.

  • julia arden

    It always amazes me that those who have never been to private school think that such schools turn kids into snobs.Having taught in Australia for 15 years in a private school and 17 years in a public high school- it is the parents like you who have an inferiority complex who send their children to cheap catholic schools so that they – the parents can cope!!!Choose a school on the basis of the educational standards and subject offerings. Jevron is shy?? Still needs mum – YES

  • Nick

    Julie, I don’t have an inferiority complex, thanksd dear. My 60 year old friend who is raising a young daughter here in Bali, told me all about the schools. It his word I’m taking, and I trust him. I didn’t say all private school in the world turn kids into snobs, just the one I mentioned.

    I like being a parent and feel I can cope very well. Sending Jevon to a ‘cheap Catholic school’ (can you tell me about the prices?) is not a cop out at all. I want him to interact, enjoy his school life, and turn out to be a kid that feels comfortable with Indonesian and bule kids.

    Jevon is 9 monthes old. Yes he sill needs his mother.

  • Kim Ariawan

    I have my children in a Catholic school in Australia and they are hindu bali ,I am catholic,
    my husband is Hindu Balinese .We are coming to Bali mid year and I have chosen the Australian International School ,because of my children already having had 3years and 5years in an Australian school ,it will be a better transition for them .Besides the school has the Bali culture as well as their Australian curriculum ,so as far as I am concerned they will get the best of both countries

  • Denise

    Thanks for the opportunity to discuss Catholic schools in Bali. Which are the Catholic schools in Bali from the above list and which is the closest to Legian?

  • Paul

    I’m considering moving to Bali this July and am interested in knowing how much school fees are? The “cheap” Catholic school you mentioned charges approx how much per year?



  • Carol Freeman

    I have a 2 year old and although i’m only staying in Bali for a few months, I have found a great place in Sanur called Cheeky Monkeys. It’s a reasonable price and my little boy really loves it, I think they cater for kids until 6. It’s got a big play garden and lots for creative things for kids to do. worth checking out.

  • adi

    The Australian International School Super Kids Centre, is no more in this location on Jl Raya Kerobokan #100a, because it moved on Jl. Raya Kerobokan, 44 Banjar Taman.

  • ervi

    i’m an ex teacher for abc english school about 3 years ago. It was located in Gang Mangga near Kerobokan area and already moved somewhere in Kerobokan. My head of school was Ms Yuni and Ms Dorothy M Summers. I would like to know where are they and the school now. If anybody hed their contact, plese inform me ASAP in Thanks for the info, hopefully they also read this email.

  • Charles Kellett

    Hi all,

    My family and I are thinking of having a 12 month break in Bali with our two kids from Australia.

    Can anyone advise on the cost of sending them to a decent school comparable to a medium priced private school in Perth(Catholic year 1 and year 4). Religious denomination not an issue as long as the quality of education is good.



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