Puri Bunda: Baby hospital in Denpasar Bali-part II

puri_bunda_061505v4.jpgWe entered the doctor's office and he had an ultrasound machine just like Dr. Zakaria, our usual doctor. Ika had a gel spread on her stomach and the doctor slowly moved a hand held scanner over it. Ika was excited to see the baby's face but the doctor told us the foetus was now getting big and for that reason the face was obscured. All vital signs are good and the weight right now is 2.9 kgs. Estimated date of birth July 7th, estimated weight 3.5kg. Here at Puri Bunda people are paying a decent amount of money and the level of treatment is higher than the local places. When Ika usually has a scan the nurse wipes up the globs of gel and pushes them back into the bottle, yuck!!!. Here they just wipe it all off.

puri_bunda_061505v3.jpgOne of the staff showed us the rooms and Ika really liked them, which made me happy. I know she is worried about the birth, especially after he doctor said "Baby too big, because suami (husband) big." The rooms have a fridge, TV, AC, and seem very comfortable. Many people have told me that doctors at private clinics will push for a Caesarian as they can charge more. Dr. Zakaria is against that and we will tell him that Ika wants it only as a last resort. One Balinese lady said to me that her doctor told her to have a Caesarian the following day due to her baby's position. She started walking a lot and that corrected the position.

Behind Puri Bunda is the Rikki Hotel, which has a fitness center. Part of the package is Suami Fitness that gives me 30 workout sessions before August 1st. I will be using this thing even though it is a bit out of the way. When you think the probable cost for Ika and myself will be between $1,000-$1,500 its actually a good option for a foreigner. You take a months vacation to Bali and plan to have the birth here. In the US you are looking at $15,000.




Ika will be doing weekly visits with the local doctor before going to Puri Bunda for the birth. They have their own ambulance, but I suspect we will end up using a taxi, as it will be faster when the time comes.


7 thoughts on “Puri Bunda: Baby hospital in Denpasar Bali-part II

  • Tracey.D.

    Nick, tell Ika to hold on 1 more day as July 8th is my birthday, I think I turn 21 again!

    Sounds like this Dr is pushing for C/section with the whole suami big, your not that big!!!! Thank Goodness I married balinese a small one for me… Yippeee!

    Also love Public hospitals in OZ, costs nothing!

  • Canucki Chris

    EXCITING times for you and Ika! I can’t help getting excited for both of you myself. Ika looks great.

    Place looks pretty good, much better then I had envisioned for Indonesia, even if it is a private clinic. You’re right about the cost.

    A non resident in Ontario would pay ~$2000 CAD or about 14.5 million rup PER DAY here. For permanent Ontario residents its free. The newborn gets charged at a rate of $650 CAD ( ~4.7 million rup) per day, or more if Intensive care is involved, but since the newborn is automatically a resident / citizen, it’s free too.

    About the ultra sound gel, I’m with you…. Eeeeeewww. You could bring your own watered down Jello I suppose, made with double or triple the water. 😉

    I’m happy to hear Ika is only considering a C-section as a last resort. Recovery usually takes much longer with a C-section.

    The magic numbers you are aiming for are 7 & 7.

    Min 7 cm dilated for 7 lbs.



  • tracey.D.

    Also Chris 7/7 is the date too, 7th of the 7th month!

    I was exactly 7lbs & Gede said he was just over 6lbs, so I am hoping for a little one, Maddy was 7lbs 10…

    Good Luck, I will be reading with baited breathe!

  • Canucki Chris


    Yeah, you’re absolutely right!

    C’mon 7-7-7-7. ( I feel like I’m in Vegas.)

  • lia

    hi nick,

    you suppose to charge all the bill to the insurance and this insurance should be paid by the company that you work for.

    this is what my husband and me have been doing all the time. everytime we start a new job, we will ask for the house, insurance, kitas, car, driver and return ticket to his country once a year besides the basic salary. because it’s simply too expensive to pay all those things especially for me as an indonesian woman.

    so always try to ask for “package deal” if you are working for a company.


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