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Villas, villas, villas. That’s becoming Bali’s best crop. Move over rice farmers (figuratively and literally), that field close to town is worth money. Just the other day Ika and I were riding around in Umalas and Canggu checking out the landscape. The land is being divided into blocks and sectioned off with high brick walls. Villa construction is going on rapid fire.

Why do people suddenly like villas? Bali has a climate that supports being out in the open, lounging by the pool and eating outside. The large resorts have figured that out and design their properties accordingly. The Four Seasons Bali looks very different from the Four Seasons Chicago.

A villa allows you to enjoy that freedom and space, without the pesky Jones’s from Melbourne in the room next door. Also many villas come with staff, pembantu’s and a driver. No need to shop, cook or clean. For people with a family or simply a group of friends, a villa can be the ticket. Villas can be tucked away right downtown (there are some new villas close to Bintang in Seminyak) or out away from the crowds (Canggu, Umalas).




One company that specializes in villa construction, rental and management is Bali Villa Worldwide. They have properties in other countries, and also a great selection here in Bali.


2 thoughts on “Bali Villa Worldwide

  • Eddie Tansil

    Having seen many of the speculative villa developments I must say its buyer beware…
    Many …not all… have extremely shoddy workmanship… no matter what the brochure says .. Its amazing what a few coats of paint will cover..

    How many glossy booklets are out there with CGI images of your dream villa… just the other day I saw one with the CGI pillows on the CGI sofa floating about in thin air.
    Question is… if they can’t produce realistic images, how the hell are they gonna construct a real building..

  • Carlos

    Eddie, that is a scary thought when you keep in mind that Bali in an earthquake zone. If I where to move to bali for retirement I would have my villa custum made and I would vist the damn site everyday to make sure they build it right. Man some future contractor is going to hate my gut, wether it be in Bali or not.

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