Superman is dead: Bali punk band in documentary

Superman is Dead is the name of a Bali punk band that is familiar to a lot of us who live here. I have been to 1 punk do at the Hard Rock Cafe when I first got to Bali. It always struck me as strange that people in developing countries who are struggling so hard to get ahead, have time to act like they don’t care.

Punk bands from Canada and Sao Paulo Brasil were alos in the 87-minute documentary called The Punks Are Alright: A Punk Rock Safari From the First World to The Third.

Walking along Poppies II in Kuta on any night you might catch a glimpse of some punk like guys and girls. In between Internet Outpost and McWilliams is a punk joint that does, on occassion attract a crowd of young Balinese people. I stay well clear as the energy is a recipe for trouble. Anyhow, great to see a local Balinese band doing it their way and achieving some success. They are apparently interested in issues such as the effect of tourism on Balinese culture. Maybe I should interview them.





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  • maja

    hi nick, i would love to read an interview with them… i know that place, great music but sometimes lit bit too loud 😉
    and i’m also glad to hear the news about superman is dead. i love them, great band!!
    btw how is nightlife in kuta right now eg. paddys, mbargo, bounty… still exist?? my news from people, working in there are not really good …. hope soon everything is normal again in bali!!
    take care and thanks for your great site!!!
    maja from jerman

  • banie cool

    band ini sungguh luar biasa baneg lirik lagunya pas banget bwat jiwa para punkers yang lagi broken heart

  • leecifer

    “It always struck me as strange that people in developing countries who are struggling so hard to get ahead, have time to act like they don’t care.”

    It shouldn’t. Punk rock isn’t about not caring it is about voicing your concerns about your present state and acting upon it.
    Bands in third world are not ignorant to our affluence (at their expense) and this would (should) make them pissed off and give them a whole arsenal to write about while still making it at their day jobs which bring in often less than 60USD a month (about what i make in the first two and a half hours of my work day).

    By all reports, even though S.I.D. is signed to a major label they have taken their community building skills and kept on supporting their Bali brethren by running a recording studio, and a label as well as supporting other grassroots businesses. this is punk rock in action at its best—co-opting the ‘man’ and turning around and staying true to their roots, as opposed to “acting like they don’t care”.

    Interview them. The dudes i met from that band are fine folks and have alot to say.

  • nana

    superman is dead is one of the great punk band ever!!! musicnya gak cengeng kayak lagu2 melo jaman sekarang. sayang suara vocalistnya kadang sdkt gak terkontrol pas in the middle of the show, but it’s OK. jerinx,bobby,eka you guys still the best!!!

  • abbi sinatra

    hi… guys how are u getting on? I like ur music, oohh its so double bomb. When u will be concert in jember?

  • aLL-BERt

    buat mas eka_rock

    lompatan kamu itu

    mengingatkan aq ma RAMONES…

    keren deh pokoknya…. 😉

    tapi sayank, kemarin tu foto aq ma mas eka,boby
    , jerink tu kabur… 🙂

    tapi ada juga seh yg jelas..

    makasih ya S I D….

    all-BERt_da lupa minuman keras

  • puuloa

    If you know about punk and origins then you can understand why punk works for all youth no matter where they are from. Once you start to realize that you have no future and your parrents are idiots and the world sucks. what is left but to howl at the moon with a few chords behind you?

  • robby

    gw suka banget sama superman is dead.lagunya juga asik2
    temen gw tau smuanya chord2nya.
    oh iya waktu itu gw nonton launchingnya album black market love di intro bela2in.padahal besoknya gw ujian.hhhahaha

  • sider

    BOBBY,jerinx&eka lagu lu paling mantep deh apa lagi lagu bukan pahlawan inspirasinya dari mana sih kok lagu nya tuh enak di dengar oleh para punk rock

  • reza

    euy sid…
    anjing lah ma klen smw..
    babi lah ma klen..
    tp aq kgum ma klen..

    sorry yagh..
    ga sengaja..

    krmin aq lirik lagu klen lah
    jgn mrh yagh

    i love you
    muaaaaaaaaaaach 666x

  • TERErock

    bobby,eke rock jerinx,asli kalian kren bgt.semua lagunya gokil abist and pastinya ngasih sesuatu yang baru dalam hidup ini. thanks buat kalian semua uda jadi kekuatan yang baru dalam hidupq. kirimin foto kalian donk………..!!!!!!!!

  • nico rock

    gua ska bgd ma superman is dead,lgu2 nya keren bgd.palagey klo liat aksinya jerinx pun”k banget.
    tolong ajarin gua maen drum.karena gua pengen bisa maen drum kayak kang jerinx.kang jerinx klo maen drum mabok dlu yaw.kok kayaknya kagak da capeknya.kapan maen di semarang.pokoknya klo maen di semarang kagak bakalan nyesel.wis tho pokok
    ‘e mak nyuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • febpunk

    giua ska bgd ma superman is dead.coz personelnya cah punk N gento2.aku cuka bgd ma mereka……..
    pa lagi lagu2 dari album KUTA ROCK CITY pokok”e
    max nyuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………………………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dode

    saluut for your performance bli…save our bali by peace punk rock music because it is not really bad!!!!!!!!!!. Btw kapan manggung di Negara lagi??????? Buat Eka Rock, sukses terus Negara Rocknya….

  • dode

    saluut for your performance bli…save our bali by peace punk rock music because it is not really bad!!!!!!!!!!. Btw kapan manggung di Negara lagi??????? Buat Eka Rock, sukses terus Negara Rocknya…….

  • yudch

    SID the punk rock pelopor from bali,,,hey Bob gitarmu keren,,mengingatkan aq tentang gitaris the living end…mm,,,,kapan nieh manggung di karangasem,,,????wekekekke,,,,

  • Ryan

    Superman is dead keren bangets.gua boleh minta foto kalian semua gak?terutama jerinks.aku nge fans banget ma kamu n’ pengen belajar drum ma loe.Setiap aku main band ma friends ku pasti yang selalu ku mainin lagu kalian.

  • Ryan

    Oya ada satu lagi nieh. kapan nie konser di sangatta kaltim. kutunggu yach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Id'ham Infantri

    Gw suka banget ma SID.
    Pokoknya SUPERMAN IS DEAD paling top lah.
    Kapan ya SID bisa menghibur Out Sider Lampung…???

  • Ren'z

    SUPERMAN is DEAD kapan main ke nganjuk nieh!!!!! Kalian semua kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hakim

    haiiiiiiiii bli jrinx!!!!!!!!!

    apa kabar?????
    kapan lagi manggung d_lumajang??????

    coz laguna cool abizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ragil(s.r)

    hi Pa KabR kalian b3 /??
    past BAik Smua !!!
    oY >… kapan Ne bisa dateng k tangerang
    khususna d pamulang>>>??
    w pasti dateng dech k acra lo !!!!
    cZ w suka banget ma sid:::
    pa laGi ma jerinX …
    w pengen 1 panggung ma lo JerInXXXX !!!
    nd Brsulang Sma Kalian B3….

    f*** of java!!!

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