Shark Delicacies

mini-shark.jpgFor as long as I can remember on my travels I have never imbibed in seafood cuisine that contained shark meat of any kind. As a scuba diver and an environmentalist, I do have a very healthy respect for these beautiful creatures. There are those that don’t considering them the scourge of the oceans. This is not to say that I haven’t had my fair amount of run-ins with them and on one particular occasion, it was almost a fatal meeting with a large Tiger Shark. Even after that I still harbor a healthy respect for them. It irks me when I read in the newspapers about fishermen who catch sharks only to slice off the fin and toss the living carcass back into the ocean. According to environmentalists there is a booming demand for shark fin soup and, is threatening the existence of several species. As much as I respect other people’s rights to eat produce made from shark meat, I myself cannot palette it. If shark fin soup or other shark cuisine is to your liking then you will be pleased to know of a warung in Jimbaran Bay not far from the entrance to Udayana University called Pak Item. Apparently it does a good trade, but not from me.





5 thoughts on “Shark Delicacies

  • lydia shepard

    Your Bali Blog articles are very much appreciated because the writer (is it Barrie) obviously cares deeply for Bali and he comes across as authentic. The article on Shark Delicacies is a good example of his tolerance and respect. I would like to discourage shark fin products altogether. In the same breath turtle delicacies should be discontinued by educating people on the sacred trust bestowed on areas where these creatures still exist.
    Thanks for making Bali Blog possible to a one-time visitor who is longing to go back again.
    Lydia Shepard

  • Barrie

    Hi Lydia,

    Thank you for your kind comments and I most definitely agree with you regarding Turtles and the scared areas where they co-exist with the people of the regions.

    Much more should be done for the environment in Indonesia as well as the environment in the oceans. After all, both are beneficial for the future of existence in the country. Maybe not in our generation but in future generations.

  • Barrie

    Hey Mark,

    Perhaps the damn shark thought I didn’t look tasty enough but he did like the taste of my tanks!. Bloody sod put me in hospital for 3 weeks.

  • Caro

    This post broke my heart. I understand and applaud your respect for other people’s choices regarding to what they eat, but still, I myself would have opted for not giving publicity to a place that sells shark fins. I think they’re in enough danger as it is, without us making public where tourists can go and get shark fin soup.

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