Schapelle Corby Tours in Bali

JED is a organization offering Ecotourism Village Tours in Bali, a worthy cause. There are all kinds of tours you can take during your holiday in Bali. One entrepreneurial fellow named Eddie Hutauruk has a company called Schapelle Corby Tours.

Eddie is an experienced tour guide and obviously has a sense of humor. His tours promise that you will be picked up at our hotel and taken to Kerobokan jail, where viewings / meetings with Schapelle Corby may happen.

Visitors are encouraged to be respectful of Schapelle’s privacy and bring small gifts. You may get the chance to talk with Schapelle and hear her side of the story. Nice to see the Balinese locals sharing in the profits of tourism.





16 thoughts on “Schapelle Corby Tours in Bali

  • Sean

    Brillant idea for the Bali entreprenuer. Yes – it is a bit shocking in some ways, but it also makes me smirk at how clever that bloke is.

  • Eddie Tansil

    Eddie has an excellent website.
    Schapelle Corby

    Definately a ‘ Must do ” activity for any “do gooder” Aussies visiting.

    An idea for Eddie to extend his services.
    The entire 10 day package
    He could call it “The Crim a Day” tour and feature a different Aussie drug smuggler every day.

  • nat

    Since when did Schapelle become a side show attraction. For god’s sake leave the poor girl alone. To the twit running these tours don’t expect to see my money.

  • Nick

    Eddie should partner with Kerobokan jail and the Four Seasons. He should offers a ‘private members cocktail evening’ with Bali Nine kingpins telling jokes, Schapelle talknig about her plans and Michelle Leslie live by satellite.

    The event would be catered by Four Seasons and Bali Moon liquors would sponsor the drinks.

  • Wayan

    Eddie bukan orang Bali! This person would not be a bali Hindu. We care about people, this man not care. Bebaskan Corby.” Free Corby”

  • sebastian

    hmmm I thought she was up for media attention that could be favourable to her cause…Well the old saying you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas just might apply here. Ask the British Royal family just how much fun it is using the media when it suits them…unfortunately if you go down that track you open up your life up for all to exploit.
    No one has divided australians so much since Lindy Chamberlin and like Lindy’s case there is so much speculation as to Corby’s guilt or innocence.
    Perhaps Mercedes should start these tours…make some money to pay off the judges to reduce her sentence. Or maybe just sell some pot….

  • joools

    i think we need to be practical here. this Eddy guy could help bring much needed gifts and other necessities for Schapelle. who are we to take the moral high ground from the safety of our computers in room with aircon and electricity?

  • Eddie Tansil

    “Perhaps Mercedes should start these tours…make some money to pay off the judges to reduce her sentence. Or maybe just sell some pot….”

    Well the Corby’s already tried the Ganga business and that obviously didnt work…Not a great idea.


    Eddie is a smart business individual…however one thing i will say for sure is that he is gaining a profit from a poor woman that has been stripped of her freedom. NO individual in the world deserves this UNLESS they have committed a crime….then it is justified. Has Miss Corby committed a Crime????? I think the only Individuals that have Committed a crime are the individuals that never looked for a fingerprint. Maybe the TOUR should be called “Corrupt Tours….in the world of the corrupt” and the tours can take place any place but Miss Corby’s “Cage”.

  • Lobes

    Well one trial and several appeals seem to be pretty good proof of a crime.

    She wouldn’t be in Jail if she hadn’t tried to walk 5 kg of dope through customs. If she had gotten off she’d probably be the only person in her family without a drugs conviction so I think that says it all.

    Shes probably dumb enough to think that the tours are going to help her cause. Well good luck to her.

  • James

    What are you talking about? His website is incredibly cruel. It’s about as tasteful as gathering a crowd to watch a public torture and having a good giggle over it.

    You lot are a strange bunch. I don’t understand your lack of compassion.

  • BillyBoy

    James – you don’t get a giggle out of that sort of thing????? Well I won’t include you on my invite list to Saudi later this year.

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