Schapelle Corby is innocent!

poor_schapelle052905.jpgMany people who have been following the trial of convicted Bali drug-trafficker Schapelle Corby believe she is innocent. Indeed Schapelle has always protested her innocence. So far the evidence has been one sided, with a big bag of marijuana being presented by the prosecution, and nothing except hearsay and wild speculation put forward by the defense. Supposing we were compiling evidence for Schapelles appeal. Where would we start? I am not talking about screaming, She is bloody well innocent you wanker, that might count for evidence at your local pub, but not in a court of law.

The inquisitional court system they have in Indonesia means the judge directs questioning and decides what evidence is relevant. Since cross-examination by the defense does not happen, there is little chance of exploring discrepancies in prosecution witnesses statements. Basically the judge needs hard evidence.

So back to our question. Where would we start and how would we go about getting real statements from people who count and evidence that might swing a judge?




Thoughts that came to me were:

  • Get the real owner of the drugs to speak.
  • Find the airport worker who planted the drugs.
  • Put the whole Corby family through a lie-detector test. Maybe someone planted the drugs on her.
  • Put the customs officers through a lie detector test.
  • Put Schapelle though a lie detector test to jog her memory. Maybe there is a piece of evidence she has forgotten.
  • Put Dodgy Ron Bakir through a lie detector test to see what his real motives are regarding this case.
  • Put a bounty out for evidence leading to the conviction of the real drug owner.
  • Chances are slim, but if Schapelle is innocent like so many people think she is, then someone else knows the real truth. Lets hope someone can shine a light on more evidence to help this poor girl.