Renting a Villa in Bali

Renting a villa in Bali – Some tips and advice on renting a villa in Bali.
Moving to Bali and renting a house is quite easy and often affordable. But, as with renting anywhere in the world, there are some things you need to know to get the most bang for your buck. Luckily, Bali offers quite a wide range of villas in an even wider range of prices. Wither you go for a huge villa right on the beach or a smaller one slightly further away, you will still be getting more for your money than you would in most places.

Advice for Renting a Villa in Bali

Here are some of the things you might want to think about if you are planning on renting a house / villa in Bali. If you aren’t interested in renting, then you might want to check out our post on investing in property in Bali.

Everybody wants a beach-front place, or at least one with close access to the beach. You’ll pay more for this than one slightly away from the beach. You’ll find that rents are cheaper as soon as you get across a main road (eg. Jl. Seminyak) from the beach, with most of the tourist villas and hotels on the beach side. Also driving a couple of kms out of town will also being the prices down.

Finding a house:
Houses for rent come on the market at a moment’s notice. Expats and local owners will often post handwritten notes on bulletin boards in cafes and shops. These rentals can be for 1 month, 3 months, 1 year and so on. Exploring the small lanes on motorbike is the best way to find place for rent. If you will be moving to Bali long term, you might want to check out this post on the logistics of moving to Bali.

Don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbor’s door and ask how much they pay for rent, it will give you an idea.

The longer you rent a place for the lower the overall price will be. Problem is how so you know you’ll still want the house after 6 months. Here in Bali many things can happen after you’ve rented a house including leaking roofs, disfunctional drainage, bad staff, etc. The way to handle this is to rent the place for a week, if you like it try it for a year. After that year you’ll know what the place is like, then you can go for a 5 year lease if that appeals.




Houses in Bali are open-plan, with parts of the living area adjacent to the garden. This obviously presents security issues. It is important to get a feel of how trustworthy the gardener, pembantu are and also know that your doors have some degree of security, as many doors have flimsy locking structures. Check out this post for learning more about safety in Bali.

Don’t like roosters at 4am, or party scene overflow all night long? You need to sleep in a place for a while to see how that works.

Flooded driveways in the wet season, bird-sized mosquitoes, Balinese cock-fighting over your back wall, aggressive local dogs, these are all extra things you need to think about before committing long term.

Do not move into a place before it meets your standards. If the owner says you can move in and he will fix the roof, walls, pool, driveway, don’t believe it. Get a signed contract and pout it in a safe place.


Picking the Right Location for You

Finding the right location for you can make a huge difference in your trip. There have been so many times I have seen people who didn’t do enough research before renting a villa and ended up moving only days after they arrived. Do the research and make sure that the villa you want to rent is in the location you want to be in.

A good example of this would be a backpacker that’s on a super tight budget, but still likes to party every night. They find a villa for rent that is super cheap. The only problem is that it is about a 20 minute drive from town. While that might not seem far, the cost of taxi rides back and forth will add up fast. In turn, you will end up spending more money overall by living in a cheaper villa further from everything else.

The moral of the story, if you like to be where the action is, find something affordable in that area.

15 thoughts on “Renting a Villa in Bali

  • Donna Burns

    My niece ansd I are looking to rent in Bali for six months to a year. All of the net info is pretty ‘off-putting’, I must say. Is there a 2 bedroom, two bath, clean, safe villa available for rent? We can pay well, but not outlandish. I hope this make sense, I have been on the net for way too long. Vog driving us off of Big Island HI. Sincerely DR.Donna Burns – Verifiable references provided upon requiest

  • Tricia

    Donna: we have 2-bed 2 bathroom villas for rent in the Bukit on a secure, safe site – walled garden with own pool and also communal pool/BBQ area. Long term rent could be arranged.

  • stephanie sharp

    I am loking for a 1-2 bedroom house to rent near the beach in Sanurfor one year. I would like a comfortable house and am willing to pay 5-6000 USD per year. Could anyone help me with this? Is this possible?

  • scott chamberlin

    I’m looking for a small one-bedroom house to rent for three months beginning in mid-February. I prefer to be near the beach and close to the Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua area. My budget is about $1000/ month.

  • Maria Mauri

    I am looking for a house somewhere near or around Kuta/Sanur/Seminyak. I need a reasonable sized enclosed back garden area for pets. Initially for one year but with the option of long term lease. At least two bedrooms, spacious (not dark and dingy)and clean. Willing to pay around $7,000 USD per year. I currently live in Jakarta but plan on moving down to Bali on or around the first week of December. If anyone can help me please email to:

  • mat forster

    hi everyone, im thinking of moving to bali next july for 1 year, i wanted something fairly close to kuta,seminyak,sanur area.
    i wanted a 2-3 bedroom house.
    how much should i pay?
    whats the best way to go about renting?
    should i get an agent?
    would i get much for 6-7000aus per year?
    if anyone could fill me in it would be much apprieciated….cheers

  • Jenn

    Hi. I’m looking for a 2-4 bdrm house with pool (small is ok) to rent for 6 months starting April 2009, in the Sanur area only. I can afford reasonable rent, but not over the top. Will consider anything. I’m currently in Sanur until October 13th so would be keen to see some properties while here. Please email or ph 081236123223 (Bali mbl, until October 13th 2008) Thanks!

  • Jenn

    To Scott Chamberlin…

    Try Scape Condotel (part of Good location in Sanur, 5 minutes walk to beach, behind a restaurant on main tourist road but still very quite. 450,000IRP/night, but will discount down to 400,000IRP for long stays. Great staff, spacious room & bathroom upstairs with kitchenette/lounge/dining downstairs. Shared pool (that no-one else really uses!).
    Staying here right now! Awesome deal.

  • Gus Taylor

    We are lookig for a house/ villa for rent in seminyak area walking distance to beach, furnished with pool to accommodate 2 adults and 3 children. On a budget of approx. 1800 usd for the month of June please email photos/info to





  • Livia

    Hi everyone..

    I’m searching an appartment for rent for 6 months in legian kuta area,the prices in internet are incredible high,so i thought maybe somebody of u got some insider informations about an apartement with an affordable price…mail me if u can help me.. ( thank u very much..

  • Daniel

    Looking for a 2w rental in august 2009, any tips. Got an offer for a 2 room villa in the seminyak area, without specifying exactly where.. for 600USD/w. Is that a lot, reasonable? Of course not comparable with 6m stay… The pictures look ok but not posh.. decent I would say. Just to get a second opinion.. If someone knows someone renting for short periods, delighted! thanks!!

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