Jalan Legian Gets a Facelift

legianlWell, kind off! Recently sections of Jalan Legian in Kuta are being repaired and it truly needed it. The constant heavy traffic had made the road look more akin to asphalt Swiss cheese with numerous pot-holes and sections of the road deteriorating in general.

When I went down for breakfast this morning there were several diligent (?) workers laying new asphalt on the road near the pavements between Poppies 1 and Poppies 2 ensuring the traffic would come to a practical standstill.

Over the years I have seen this section of road deteriorate and it was indeed good to see it being repaired. At least the suspensions of all those vehicles that travel along this stretch of Jalan Legian daily will be grateful.





poppiesrThe one section of road that is badly in need of urgent repair is Poppies Lane 2. It wouldn’t be that inconvenient to close the road off to traffic for a few days. For those wanting quick access to Jalan Legian via Poppies Lane 2, diverting the traffic to Jalan Melasti for access to Jalan Legian whilst the repairs are in process would be no big deal.


Perhaps if the Government in Jakarta grants Bali their fair share of the VOA then perhaps more roads would be repaired. Yeah, I know, dream on!

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  • exercises

    Howdy Travelr! *smile* it’s been awhile since i sat long enough to comment or anything ….that’s a story/lie! ;~)

    huh…welllll, i have been busy and just doing my thing these days. i do peek in and read for a few minutes …. the truth of

    the matter…. i think of you all ….all the time. i miss the interacting with each of you!!!!

    any ol’ way..blah blah blah…. i had to share some wonderful news with you all so i popped in and ….here i is! *wink….

    who better than you all, to share my new news. *smile*

    oh… glad to read of all your new news too! take care ~see ya…………..also :~) i’ll try harder to be a better part of

    this neighborhood again.


  • steve

    Seems the work safety standards have improved with the Flouro vests and hard hats and enclosed shoes.

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