Is Bali Safe?

mini-img_8457Over the weekend I received numerous emails and phone calls from concerned travellers heading over to Bali soon and whether or not it would be safe for them to holiday there. In the light of recent incidents in Jakarta, their worries are indeed warranted. Not being a soothsayer or having a phone-box like Dr Who where I could zap into the future, check out what’s happened and return, my only course was to inform them of what to do. Nobody in this world can predict what these purveyors of heinous crimes, these murderers, will do next, if anything. The simple truth is that no matter where you travel in the world these days you are subject to the possibility some form of terrorism. The possibility of anything happening is there, in your face, so to speak. Having said that, we should not let our lives be ruled by these malignant carriers of destruction.

Ever since the Bali Bombings in previous years, the Balinese and Indonesian governments have instituted excellent security arrangements to prevent any re-occurrence of previous years. No government force, soldiers or police are infallible but, in Bali they most certainly are putting 110% into the security of tourists in an endeavour to prevent anything happening that would endanger travellers. In fact, the security on the island has been increased since the Jakarta incidents. Would I travel there? Of course I would. In fact I have a 6 month trip not too far away where I will be travelling through the archipelago and finishing with two months in Bali. If you are concerned, and rightly so, there are some things you can do to alleviate that nagging worry.



  • Try and avoid large crowds. I know that’s hard when you head to places like markets and shopping centres.
  • This brings me to the main point of being aware of your surroundings.
  • If it doesn’t look or feel right, then trust your judgement.

There is no need to lock yourself in the confines of your hotel and worry your holiday away. Get out there and enjoy yourself. After all, that’s what you go to Bali for. Stop worrying! Use your common sense.


5 thoughts on “Is Bali Safe?

  • freddi

    more or less, this will impact tourist coming to bali. when things are starting to get better, they struck again. 🙁

  • Sean

    Thanks for your thoughts Barrie. I reckon you are right. You never know where or when with these guys.

    Having just been to Bali – I feel like it was no less safe than any other place in Asia or the West.

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  • tempo dulu

    Nowhere is completely safe but I’d still reckon a tourist is more likely to be wiped out in a road accident in Bali than by a terrorist’s bomb.

  • Max Normal

    Too many whingeing worrying Aussies. Tempo Dulu has it entirely right. After the bomb attacks in London and Madrid in Europe we had to suck it up. We got right back on those buses and trains and stared the terrorists in the face (metaphorically), you’ll NEVER hear a European worrying about terrorism, and we have far and away more of it than you. Just suck it up, get on with it, shut up and enjoy your holiday. You’ll probably slip over in the bath one day or something, or die of a heart attack doing a particularly difficult dump. Anyway, I’d rather face being blown up than living in fear all my life, that’s what the terrorists actually want (hence TERRORist). I thought you Aussies were supposed to be tougher than all the rest of us……..

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