Gordon Ramsey’s brother arrested with heroin in Bali

Latest news on the wire, is the brother of famous British chef Gordon Ramsey has been arrested in Bali in possession of heroin. This is not good news, knowing how the Indonesian legal system view drug offenses. Here’s more from the Jakarta Post.

Brother of famous British chef arrested in Bali accused of heroin possession

DENPASAR (AP): The younger brother of top British chef Gordon Ramsay has been detained on the Indonesian island of Bali on heroin possession charges, police said Friday.

Ronald Ramsay, 39, was carrying 100 milligrams of the illegal drug in his hand when he was searched by police on Feb. 12 in a supermarket parking lot near the popular resort town of Kuta, said Corm. Gusti Putu Suryasa.

Ramsay is still being questioned, but “told the police the heroin was for personal use,” the police spokesman said.




“He was walking suspiciously and the police stopped him and searched him,” Gusti said. “He had the illegal drug in his hand.”

Under Indonesia’s tough drug laws Ramsay could face a maximum 10-year jail sentence.

More than half of Indonesia’s prison population of 116,000 are drug offenders.

Traffickers are routinely sentenced to death. At the end of 2006, 134 people were on death row, including 37 foreigners and 97 Indonesians, most of them for drug-related crimes.

When the cops found out the guy they arrested has a multi-millionaire brother they must of thought ‘cha-ching!!!’ Obviously he was not able to come up with a quick enough ‘solution’, so now the whole thing will move on up the line. For people not familiar with Gordon Ramsey, he’s a former Scottish soccer player, who became a chef and gained fame partly by the amount of abuse his dished out to his employees on a TV documentary. He is now firmly established in the London restaurant scene, with his own line of restaurants.

Highly likely his brother will go to court and receive a ‘time already served smack wrist’ kind of deal, similar to Michelle Leslie. Hey, maybe Gordon’s brother can teach the cooks at Kerobokan jail, how to make something other than rice and vegetables.