Geckos in Bali

Living in Bali means sharing your house with a whole range of nasties and that’s not just the in-laws. I’m kidding of course, but you will have uninvited house guests of a different type. One of the most noticeable are geckos, the small lizard-like creatures that scamper around on the walls, playing a game of chase with each other when not gobbling mosquitoes. Geckos are harmless to humans and seem to possess gravity defying powers.

A BBC article explains how these guys are able to run around on walls a ceilings without ever seeming to fall. Clever little buggers!





2 thoughts on “Geckos in Bali

  • judy

    One night a hugh gecko was hangin out on my veranda wall while we were playing spades, and suddenly my cat took a flying leap and grabbed the poor thing and devoured him. I screamed bloody murder and all my balinese friends simply laughed histerically. Ahhh the memories of Bali

  • Bali Tour Guide

    gecko is not small they’re big.. watch out for this kind of lizards..yes you wont see them fall from ceiling neither if they stick to your body..

    Friend of mine got bad experienced with gecko. They stuck on his back that leave a mark of their little finger..watchout..

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