Exploring the Sideman area in East Bali

view082005.jpgEast Bali is one of my favourite parts of Bali. As far as the scenery and the lifestyle it seems as close to the 1920's stereotype as possible, with sweeping valleys, rice terraces and Balinese locals going about their daily routine, blissfully unworried by the 21st century. The upcoming Bali Tour, which I am organizing, will pass through East Bali and I wanted to get a couple of cool hikes sets up for that. Looking at a map of East Bali and reading the guide books its obvious that the Sideman area features some of the best scenery. I was trying today to figure out a hike based on someone else's. This probably would not be a problem in the west but in Bali I could see that person throwing a fit if a westerner showed up with a couple of tour buses and started leading people though his route. The solution was to find me own route, truly a road less travelled, or not travelled at all by tourists.

If I had a week in this place I could probably finds 20 routes, but today after some effort I figured out a cool little route that skirts rice paddies and end up walking though a village and back to the start in a handy loop. Some of the views today were lovely and even if the weather isn't perfect in October it doesn't matter, because the cloudy tropical weather is totally a part of Bali as is the blazing sunshine.





6 thoughts on “Exploring the Sideman area in East Bali

  • Rich

    I have a homestay/bungalow in Sidemen in case you are interested in staying there a night or two.

  • Barrie

    G’day Nick,

    The Tour is really coming together now eh and you have chosen some excellent places to hike. It’ll be a grreat trip!.

  • Nick

    Its coming along and the itinerary will adjust as I find better places. The stress for me is accomodation as I find don’t know ho many to book for in advance.

    A big part of the Bali experience is being able to realx in a local environment and get into the Balinese slow pace. Will be interesting to see how that will work with 12 guests but whatever, I can only do so much. By proving the location I hope people will be able to enjoy the small encounters and moments they will remember.

  • Rich


    It’s a two storey bungalow in Tebola, Sidemen, with a view of Agung; two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, plenty of space. There are other homestay bungalows next door so any number of people can be accomodated. Food is available. I have photos if you can tell me how to reach you by email.

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