Customs in Bali on the Ball

We all know the scrutiny and other practices in the past of the Customs at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar. At times they give you the shits but hey, they have a job to do even though at times we find it frustrating. After what has happened to travellers in the past with regard to carrying drugs one would think that people would take heed and desist with this practice.

An article in the Jakarta Post (7/13/10) affirmed the stupidity of some folk. According to the article Customs officers arrested a Philippine national for allegedly attempting to smuggle 2.5 kilograms of heroin into the country. The woman was arrested following a search into her luggage upon arrival in the tourist island from Kuala Lumpur on Monday evening. It appears the heroin was hidden inside her luggage and was worth around Rp 5 billion. But, she won’t be the last idiot to get caught.




Seriously folks, is it worth taking the chance of bringing in a bit of dope to enhance your holiday vibe. Definitely not! Bali is a great big ‘high’ in itself and it will never cease to amaze me why people even try to import drugs into the island. Even buying it in the streets is just as dangerous as the person you are buying it from could be an undercover policeman.


Use your common sense and enjoy your holiday sipping a beer around the pool in your hotel rather than sipping water and staring at grey walls in a putrid cell.

2 thoughts on “Customs in Bali on the Ball

  • HotelWorld

    Never try to take anything illegal through airports as you will be caught – 100% guaranteed. Don’t carry luggage for others especially pretty girls (they are often very bad girls) eg Schapelle Corby now doing 20 years in Bali prison

  • Eliza Belle

    Poor, “crazy” Schapelle Corby got caught red-handed with a shat load of mari-jane in her so-called boogie board. Hmmmmmm, it sure fit perfectly in there! She was the last person to carry the “drug filled package”, she admitted it belonged to her, and yet was “surprised” when accused of smuggling the contents into Bali. She’s one of the stupidest broads I have ever seen. Did she think her almost pretty face would get her through customs??? Yep, dumb as a stick! Serve your time like every other drug smuggler and quit “acting” crazy! You disgust me!!

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