Creating the 4th place for Bali tourists

We know that Starbucks tries to create the ‘3rd place’ for people to be, beside their home and work. I reckon there’s an opportunity for someone to create a 4th place for tourists in Bali.

Sitting at a beachside hotel typing away like a little benchong, I overheard 2 older Aussie couples complaining that their flight home was later this evening, but they had to check out of the hotel at noon, and hang around until the flight was due. Having their bags packed and with nowhere to really relax, they didn’t fancy going for a swim in the ocean, or hauling their bags around town, instead preffering to sit in the restaurant for hours.




Maybe someone should open a ‘tourist’s rest stop hotel’ in the Kuta / Legian area. You pay 50,000rp each, get a small, clean, AC room, access to a pool and a restaurant, with a taxi rank outside, ready for the airport run. I reckon it makes sense. Imagine if you came down from Lovina in the morning, and your flight was at 10pm. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax in a clean, cool place, where you can shower, nap and lock up your stuff.

Its true people in this situation could check into a guest house, but by trading duration (they are leaving the same day ) for quality / cleanliness and convenience (have an internet cafe on the premises plus a wartel, it could be a very attractive package.