Bali: Why is it better than Thailand?

Thailand vs Bali: Thailand is a great destination, a place that most backpackers visit on their SE Asian adventure. How does it stack up against Bali?

Prices: Prices are comparable. I've heard people say that a $1 plate of food in Bali would cost 30 cents in Thailand, but at that level who really cares? The point is that both places offer very affordable food and accommodation.

Food: Thai food kicks ass. Its better than Indonesian / Balinese food. However, Bali has a ton of great international food places that range from budget to fancy.

Weather: Both have great weather.




Culture: Thailand is the Land of Smiles and the Balinese are also known for being some of the friendliest around. On a daily basis the Balinese culture is more easily accessible, by which I mean temples ceremonies, processions, daily rituals are performed everywhere and tourists can watch.

Beaches: Thailand has better beaches.


Surfing: Bali has awesome surfing. Thailand had a bit.

Accessibility for a tourist: Thailand is very spread out, you land in Bangkok, then have to choose between a 300 km train ride / flight to the highlands, or another 300 km flight to the islands. In Bali you can drive to the north coast in 3 hours from Kuta, to Amed on the east coast in 3.5 and to Gilimanuk of the west coast in about 3.5.

16 thoughts on “Bali: Why is it better than Thailand?

  • Andy

    “Sunset Dreamer, you are an idiot. Without proper status my whores can’t get on the plane; and without that same status, they can’t get into Bali. Believe me I’ve tried, and had a great laugh as said whores ended up in detention.”

    Your speaking bollocks again gimpy, the only thing a thai needs to get into indonesia is a passport and they don’t even have to pay for a visa. Any thia can get a passport they just need an id card and an address, any half decent thai whore has both of these (although i do suspect you prefer bottom feeding in lumpini park), and many will already have a pasport. So stop being a stingy gimp and pay for the plane ticket.

  • kez

    The main difference I found between Thailand and Bali – the Thai people are lovely, unfortunately there are a lot of Indians in the shops and they are not anywhere near as friendly as the Balinese, especially when haggling over prices, Balinese are happy when the deal is done, even if you have paid less than they would have liked. The Indians in Thailand are quite put out and not friendly at all unless they are being overpaid.

  • steve

    How can you just generalize indians just like that? there are atleast 1 billion of them, each different and unique inviduals, have you met each and everyone of of them ? I hate this demonizing of Indians , by one small tag name. I have seen many indonesians and thais equally unfriendly as well.

  • Vijay

    I am Indian, & been to both Thailand & Bali, Thailand is more profesional, there is value for money, you pay more for better stuff. You pay less for cheap stuff. Thailand has fixed rates. No need to waste time haggling. You want fun you go Bangkok. Kez is naive.. comment on Indians in Thailand shops shows that he has no idea what he is talking about..

  • Kashyap

    I agree with steve and vijay. It is really unfair just to generalize this on entire india based on some people. I’m an Indian and working in bangkok since many years. It is interesting to note that many people who work in these shop are not indian but they are from Bangldesh, Sri Lanka and burma and to some extent from pakistan. Even indian who work here in these shop are hardly any connection from india as they were migrated since generation. You can not just make comments based on behavior of couple of indians.

  • Hin Chung

    Having lived in both places, I would positively say that in general Balinese are much kinder and nicer than Thai. Thai society embraced feudalism in its strongest foothold. The way how nice a Thai would treat a foreigner depends very much on how much wealth such a foreigner has. Poor foreigners will get treated worse. And generally speaking, Thai has a strong dislike towards nationals of the following countries/region including India (and the rest of South Asia), Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa etc. On the same token, backpacking tourists, who appear to be poor and do not take enough showers, are very much disdained in Thailand. They term these tourists as “Farang Kee Nok” literally means “Bird Shit Westerners”. Therefore behind the superficial niceness that poor Thai display toward foreigners are their calculating mind, as whether they should respect these foreigners or they should demand respect from these foreigners. Naturally, Thai with status and wealth, are NO DOUBT the world’s most obnoxious people. Such people would include immigration officers who have full power to abuse foreigners whom they think at their total mercy.

  • dd

    totally agree with kashyap, vijay and steve.

    I too am an indian living in bangkok and feel extremely hurt when people steriotypo a very large group of people after seeing only a handfull. Like they say little knowledge is dangerous.

    Bali and Thailand cant be compated to each other as Bali is a small tourist destination while Thailand is a whole country.

    For more info on Indians in Thailand do visit

  • Stan

    I would refrain from generalizing a whole race of people, but my experience with Indian people was the same as Kez. In Phuket everyone seemed so freindly in the market except for a few, and being naive I didn’t realize why. After a few days I realized that it was the Indian peoplem that was recuuring common denominatior… Sorry, not meant as an insult, it was just my observation.

  • rao

    I have some of the comments and feel almost obliged to put this note up. First, I am an Indian who has lived in Indonesia for many years. Honestly, I am embarassed to be an Indian whenever I meet a fellow Indian. I have to state we Indians are so selfish and downright impolite, rude beyond description and obnoxiously illmannered. I am including myself in this list and am conscously trying to change my ways by looking around and being sensitive to others.

  • Tony Soprano

    I can’t stand punjabs for that reason. They are awful people to deal with.

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