Bali is the best according to Conde Nast

Bali has many fans in the travel indusdry including the readers of Conde Nast Traveler mag.

Those street wise budget minded folks know Bali is a deal and have voted it ‘Best Island’.

I’d say it’s hard to beat if you want, culture, surfing, big resorts, family hotels, guest houses, entertainment, restaurants, local food and much more.

Bali doesn’t have the best beaches in the world and the tourist areas are full of tourists, but for the adventurous great things await.




I spent my day working on a map and dealing with a sudden cold. Today I was sneezing and blowing my nose endlessly. The pollen in southern Bali really gets to me and it’s like a 8 month pollen season here. At the local ‘apotek’ I bought some Chinese medicine, some Cold remedy and a packet of Super Vitamin C pills. Altogether 22,000rp.

Sudden illness is common over here and Nyoman the guy who I rent my bike from looked like he was a zombie yesterday when I paid him.


Still no rain in Kuta. Here’s our 10 day forecast.

One thought on “Bali is the best according to Conde Nast

  • Barrie

    G’Day Nick,

    Quite a shot in the arm for Bali coming from Conde Naste. For those who don’t know about Conde Naste, it’s an upmarket travel magazine aimed at those with more money than sense!.

    You do realise their is Jamu for such ailments such as yours. Just as long as the ‘ol pecker doesn’t start sneezing!.

    Candika’s bringing some Chinese medicine over next week. I’ll get her to bring something for you that will ease the burden on your snoz!

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