Advertising your Bali stuff on the internet

The ‘information super highway’ is has grown exponentially in the last year, going from 10 million websites, to over 100 million. Search the web for ‘Bali’ and you’ll get 150 geezers flogging villas, plus everyone and his brother writing a ‘holiday blog’ about shopping in Kuta.

Is it possible to use the internet to sell good made / bought in Bali?

The other night I was talking with a young lady fom Europe about buying jewelry here in Bali and selling it Europe. She had bought some stuff from Balinese locals, and was looking for a reliable source for other silver jewelry. I told her that there is some great silver jewelry in Bali, and more in Java. Best bet is to get someone on this end, to do the buying, instead of having local sending you stuff. I also said that selling the stuff at a price that’s worth it, will be the hardest part.




What’s the best way to get your Bali products in front of people who are interested in Bali? Advertise on Baliblog.


Contact our man Brett by email and he’ll hook you up brotha!
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3 thoughts on “Advertising your Bali stuff on the internet

  • I Ketut Pica

    we wouldlike to know did yur company also do adertising for the web site , I hav thos address above and I really want to promote my web site .
    Pleas give me more information .

    I etut Pica

  • agung-bali

    well tempting offer, is it expensive boz? I just wondering if I can afford to pay promoting my site the ads will appear? like adsense or others .thanks

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