10 most desirable places to live in Bali

Bali is a desirable place to live for many people. Within that broad statement, there are certain desirable spots to place that dream house, or villa.

Here are 10 of the best.

1. Jl. Oberoi Seminyak. Eat street means you are close to the beach, close to great restaurants and 1 block from party street, Jl. Dhyana Pura Pura.

2. Jimbaran. With a white sand bay, quiet village atmosphere, and proximity to Kuta, Jimbaran is a hot property.

3. Dreamland. Located above a sandy beach on the Bukit, close to great surfing, Dreamland is an up and coming place for villa development.




4. Beach front Sanur. Amazingly, there are some chunks of virgin land in Sanur, close to the beach. This land is ‘Beverley Hills’, meaning no mortal can afford it. Still if Donald Trump wants a mansion, this might be the place.

5. Balian. On the way to west Bali. There is some surf, no people, a very quiet local scene, great scenery and tranquility.

6. Mt. Batukaru. The last true section of jungle in Bali, enjoying great hiking, village atmosphere and cool climate year round. What more could you want?

7. Tirtaganga. Close to an ancient waterpalace, this area is in a special part of East Bali, close to some amazing views of quiet valleys.


8. Canggu. Close ot Seminyak, on the beach, surrounded by rice fields and home of the Canggu Club. This place is the expat home of the future.

9. Ubud. One of the most magical places on the planet. Tourist town by day, quiet village at night, surrounded by rice paddies and culture. A place where you might run into an artist, a dancer or a magic man in 1 afternoon.

10. Lovina. Black sand beach, warm water, quiet environment, dolphins, hot springs and access to the north coast. Live up here and you make your own kind of Bali experience.

Now those are just the top 10 places. If you want details on the ‘Special Places’ you’ll have to pay me.

12 thoughts on “10 most desirable places to live in Bali

  • RICH

    No. 7 is the only one on your list I’d consider, given realistic finances. Ubud is nice too, but astonomically expensive; it would truly be a “dream house” there. But the Tirta area is very affordable. I’d prefer to be inland a bit more, on the other side of Gunung Agung, say around the Klunggung area, since there is better access to the rest of the island (including Ubud).

  • Nick

    Rich, THanks for your comments. THey are wise in my opinion and maybe I’ll tell you some of the other places I thought of sometime.

  • Nick

    Rich, THanks for your comments. THey are wise in my opinion and maybe I\’ll tell you some of the other places I thought of sometime.

  • RICH

    Yes, that’d be nice. The main reason I don’t go for the beachish places you mention is that my sun-worshipping days are over, and Bali’s beaches aren’t that great overall. I now prefer the ricefield/mountain areas, and having a Jimny to make day or overnight trips from there. I like finding character hotels, say around the US$30–$60 range (basic needs: aircon and a pool, then I look for gardens, a nice view, decent food nearby, friendly staff). I tend to go back to the same places time and again, but have yet to be bored after visiting Bali regularly for over 10 years (first time in 1985; imagine Ubud then, and Candidasa had a real beach!).

  • Chris W

    Not on your top ten list, but I did have two glorious months in Banyuatis and Munduk in Tabanan Regency. Cool mountain weather plus the smell of drying cloves and roasting coffee in July and August…aaahhhhh heaven. Bali’s beaches? Been there and done that with these exceptions. Lipah and Selang. Really quiet, for now.

  • Chris W

    Hi Rich, I was in the villages of Banyuatis and Munduk in the far north of the island. Nearest towns are Seririt or Singaraja on the north coast Bajera/Antosari are way down south over the mountains via Pupuan and Tabanan even further east.

  • RICH

    Hi Chris W., I found both places in my Bali Atlas. I’ve driven the road going north from Sererit towards Pupuan–beautiful, till it gets closer to the coast and the traffic picks up. What kind of accomodation was available?

  • Chris W

    Rich, there are a handful of cottages like Puri Lumbung (remodelled 2 storey rice barns) and Lumbung Bali in Munduk going for US $60 a night. A couple of nice homestays in renovated Dutch era buildings charging $25 and up. Its a bit pricey for this area but heck if anyone can take the time and trouble to find these mountain villages like I first did in 1989, they’re well worth it. People here are not so ‘money grubbing’ as in the other touristy areas of Bali and are quite well off and contented with their cingkeh and coffee plantations.

  • RICH

    Chris, thanks for the info. I may check it out in October. Likely means passing thru Lovina in order to come down the other way, but I guess that’s a necessary evil!

  • Chris W

    Rich, there’s no need to go by Lovina if you’re coming from the south. From Ubud travel via Bedugul/Lake Bratan and turn left as you climb out of the crater overlooking Lake Buyan. This 3 way junction is at Wanagiri village. Munduk is about 10 kms downhill on a very scenic winding road. Its a blast on a mountain bike. From Tabanan/Antosari/Pupuan, head north and turn right at Mayong (5 kms from Seririt) and keep going uphill. I use the Periplus Bali Street Atlas. Also take a look at http://www.purilumbung.com Cheers.

  • RICH

    Chris, thanks for the info. I had been planning on going via Sidemen, which meant going north via Lovina, but may try your Ubud/Buyan suggestion. I could stay a night at the lake on the way, as I try to avoid being on the road longer than 3 hours at a time (gets a bit tense!). I use the same Periplus atlas, 2003/04 edition. Great atlas, though it has a lousy index.

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