Accommodation in Candi Dasa Bali

On my recent visit to Candi Dasa, a local told asked where I was staying. I told him ‘Flamboyant’, the name of the guest house in Senkidu. The cost was 50,000rp per night. He told me that in Candi Dasa you can find places for 50,000rp, 150,000rp, 250,000, 350,000rp and so on, whatever your budget can afford. Here is a list of some of places in different price categories, in the Candi Dasa / Senkidu area.


Agung Bungalows
Located on the main road in Candi Dasa, to the west of the
lagoon. Hot water & fan.

Dewi Bungalows
Located in Candi Dasa, on the eastern side of the lagoon. Great
view of the lagoon. Hot and cold water rooms.

Located on the main road in Candi Dasa, just to thr west of the
lagoon. Large cottages, fan, cold water.

Located on the main road in Candi Dasa, between the Perama bus
office and the lagoon. Small bamboo cottages, cold water, fan.

Located next to Dewi Bungalows, on the eastern side of the
lagoon, in candi Dasa. Fan, cold water.




Segara Wangi
Located on the main road in Candi Dasa, between the Perama bus
office and the lagoon. Cold water, fan.

Amarta Beach Inn
Located on the beach, just to the west of Senkidu. Fan, and cold

Dwi Utama
Located on the beach in Mendira, close to Amarta Beach Inn, Dwi
Utama has a row of simple rooms, cold water, fan.

Mid range:

Dasa Wana
Located on the corner of the road to Tenganan. Hot water, pool,

Dewa Bharata
Located to the west of the lagoon in Candi Dasa. Hot water, AC,
pool, restaurant


Nirwana Cottage
Located on the beach side of the mian road, before the Tenganan
turn off in Senkidu. Seelction of rooms including a cheaper
option with hot water / fan.


Located on the beach, just before the eastern end of the main
road in Candi Dasa. Boutiqur resort /spa. Hot water, AC,
restaurant, pool, diving.

Puri Bagus Candi Dasa
Located at the end of Forest Rd, the small lane that leads
directly off of the eastern end of Candi Dasa (the nice beach I
photographed). High quality everything, hot water, AC, pool,

Candi Beach Cottage
Located in Mendira, 1km west of downtown Candi Dasa. Rooms and bungalows, AC, hot water, tennis court, fitness center, pool.

There are of course, many other places to check out and I’m sure people know some really great hotels hidden away.

One thought on “Accommodation in Candi Dasa Bali

  • Frank Bibby

    Segari Wangi is an old favourite of mine. Great Ocean views, but the rooms are becoming a litle tatty, Great family though and two old ladies (sisters) who work their butts of will do anything for you. Breakfast included 40 – 50000 A NIGHT

    Stayed at DEWI on my last trip last April. Great spacious rooms Linen changed every 3 days Towel soap etc provided. Beautiful tropical garden setting room. Breakfast too 50000. Highly recommended

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