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G’Day Folks. My name is Sean Keener and I will be a guest blogger/writer for the next few weeks on BaliBlog. Nick is my mate and colleague and I am out here in Bali for almost 3 weeks.

I wrote for this site when it was about 20 times smaller than it is now, so many of you probably don’t know me. Nick will surely continue on the day to day/play by play as he does so well. I will focus on other things like why Chris and I are here, our perspectives, thoughts on BootsnAll/business in bali, and maybe some fun stuff like surfing, woman (Note to Michael Steedman: easy on the “porking” comments or I will ban your arse so you will not be able to post on this site.), and partying.

Why am I here: Chris and I are meeting up with Nick for the BootsnAll year-end meeting. We have historically been in Oregon for our past year-end meetings, but with Chris in Oz, Nick in Bali, and me in Oregon, we figured we’d meet in Bali. We will sit down over the next two weeks and review what we did this past year, where we succeeded, where we failed. We will discuss and set new goals for 2004, but more important than setting the goals, we will figure out a detailed list on “how to” achieve these goals. Setting goals is fun and easy…making them happen is where the fun/hard work comes in.

Behind the Scenes: As Nick has posted, Chris O’Neill, brother of Nick is in Bali for a few more days. Chris has been writing for LondonBlog for about a year now and it is great to see him. He is a quality individual and the blood that Nick and Chris share must have DNA that makes these 2 guys hard working, honest, folks you want to be friends with.




It is great to see Chris O’Neill and he has been a big supporter of BootsnAll from the very beginning. He hauled me around London for hours per day back in 2000 when we were a fledgling company and had few resources. We attended the ITW travel show that year and he gave of his time and resources without expecting anything in return…ever meet a person like that? It may be rare these days. It is great to know people that have a genuine good heart and like to connect with people. Seems like I meet a lot of folks like this while travelling.

Random Stuff: There are a bunch of folks that I hope to catch up wih these next few weeks (ebong, mick, markus, peter cox, paul callahan, hendra, mark, gerry williams, and others. please SMS Nick if you get a chance and let’s meet up) – Chris from oz is arriving Saturday day, and we are attempting to go out late that night. Being that we feel like old men these days, we’ll see…but we hope to make it to Liquid etc for a rager that night.


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  • Barrie

    G’Day Sean,

    What’s this ‘old’ stuff!. You’re still a spring chicken. Hope you enjoy Bali even more than previous times AND, rage heavily, womanise affectionately and in general, pig-out on all that fabulous Indo food.

    I look forward to your writings!

  • Juliana

    Hi Sean, Nick, Chris,and Barrie

    I’ll be home 2moro afternoon. Hope the weather in Bali is fine and not raining. Here in Wollongong is rains a lot, especially today.

    Nick, Sean, Chris are you ready for pan-friend butterfly, spicy BEE cake and the real ARAK WAYAH???

    Well it will be great to catch up with you guys.

    See you soon

  • Tracey.D.

    I can’t wait to hear about these new meals that you will soon be devouring….
    Juliana will you return to Aust soon?
    Havbe fun at home… take Care to you all & make sure you tell us all the STUFF you lad’s get up/in to!!!!!

  • Chris

    Had a great couple of days here in Melbourne visiting friends, but getting excited about arriving in Bali. Haven’t punished myself too badly while I’ve been here, so could be up for a big one on Sat night. See you blokes soon.

  • Freesia

    Hey Keener. Happy to learn you got to Bali safely. Hope you have an enjoyable & productive time there. Please give Chris & Nick a hug for me!

  • steve

    to nick,sean or anyone else in bali i need your help.can you buy those electric jaffle makers there?. i want to buy one for my friend made as his two children madejr and putu love the jaffles. maybe can you buy them at mataharis ?

  • Dusty

    sigh, my internet is playing traunt today… now I know what Nick must be going through! Sean, just wanted to tell you that you sure are a funny guy! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. BTW when are you in India so that I can get that T shirt and the warm hug. Air India rocks!

  • Cathleen Crawford

    Anyone know of a good deal airfare SFO to DPS? Just got a little extra $ & time off, anytime from 12/15 to 1/4.

  • Deanna

    Hi Sean.
    The weather in Portland is cold, rainy, windy and pretty much all ’round miserable. And you’re in Bali. bastard.

  • Sean

    Deanna: haha 🙂

    Cathleen: http://airfare.bootsnall.com – it is high season – but you should still be able to get here and back for under 1k.

    Freesia: Danx!

    Chris: We are waiting for you with beer and young women that are asking about this exotic Australian nerd geek from Australiablog.com – in other words, you are big in Bali. They are used to studly surfers from Oz, so a nerdy geek is just unique enough to get you some attention.

  • Rob

    Hi all. Just thought I’d add a post as we must be close to the record number of posts for one day on baliblog and I’d hate to miss out by one. (Hi Bev)

  • Joe E.

    Oh great, the entire BootsnAll staff are vacationing in warmer climes.
    Damn you! Damn you all to hell, it’s cold, grey, dark and wet here in California. I have had the sniffles since returning from the Portland party. Who is going to pay for all the Kleenex?

  • Tracey.D.

    Steve, You certainly can buy Jaffle maker at Matahari…
    Barrie, Add some words here, I thik it is the only one you have not written at/on!!!!
    Gede is suffering an Aussie hangover at home from drinking too much & Mixing his drinks on Sat night, dragged him off to a Restaurant yesterday too, left him with the cleaning up today….. hee hee hee

  • Tracey.D.

    Sorry Barrie, my mistake you did/have written here just so far up the top, I had forgotten what I had read!!!!

  • Juliana

    Hi everyone,

    My first impression about Global extreme is it awesome and very huge internet cafe. This is my first time here, i wasn’t even sure where is the entrance.

    I’ll be home for 2 month, be back to OZ on february. Please “titip salam buat B’li Gede”

    I did not know that we were on the same plane.

    Nick & Sean,
    Where about were you at the airport?

    The village called Baturiti, its on the way to Bedugul. I’m sure that you passed this village for so many times.
    If you planning to come to Bali, you are most welcome to my small house.

  • Tracey.D.

    Come on Juliana, a small pic of you would b e nice??? Not for Michael.S’s benefit, but for all us others!!!
    Glad you caught up with the gent’s there & are having fun….

    I guess Candika is there today, so you will be too busy to post us????
    I know what that’s all about!!!! hee hee hee

    have a great weekend to everyone!!!!

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