Agung: Owner of Ned’s Hideaway in Seminyak Bali

agungSeminyak is full of colorful characters and today I met another, Agung, owner of Ned’s Hideaway on Gang Bima. Agung told me that 15 years ago she had a very good restaurant on Jl. Legian called Ned’s, named after her first husband, an Englishman named John Kelly, who everyone called Ned (that’s how life works sometimes). Agung’s husband passed away and she decided to buy land in Seminyak, to start Ned Hideaway, guest house, restaurant and bar. Her second husband, David from Australia, passed away 4 months ago, after suffering from kidney problems. Agung said he had helped her build up the guest house, but spent too much time at the bar. Agung recently had a stroke, that left her with partial use of her left hand, but she stays optimistic.

Her kids are grown and now she had grandkids. According to her many Balinese men are lazy, and its better to marry a ‘bule‘. I got a good feeling from Agung, and think her place would be a great place for budget tourists, or backpackers, looking to stay in Seminyak, without breaking the bank.





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  • Guy Mertens

    Hi Nick,well I got the feeling I knew this David from Australia.I’ve been looking for him the past 8 years but never met him again.His full name was David Allen Lennie.Can you check this for me whenever you get back to Agung’s place? Thanks a lot.

  • Susan

    In response to Guy Mertens comment, the David from Ned’s Hide Away was David John Ashton – my father. Agung said that David spent too much time at the bar. I would just like to straighten the record and let everyone know it was because he was the barman and had to serve customers – not because he was a drunk or an alcoholic, as implied. And yes, he did help “build up” the guest house as he paid for the building of it. All of which Agung has now inherited and not one cent have my six siblings and I seen even though Dad promised we would be taken care of in the event of his death.

  • John Moore

    Sorry to read of the passing of David Aston. My connection with Ned’s goes back to 1980 when I had many an enjoyable at Neds Place on Jalan Legion and in later years at Ned’s Hideaway in Seminyak.I have not been to Bali for 8 years and long to go back, howeer sadly it will be too late to catch up with Dave and enjoy his hospitality and yarns. I can be contacted at

  • RICH

    Susan, I’d be interested in hearing more about this story if you don’t mind. There may be useful lessons here.

  • Ashley

    Hello Susan
    You would not remember but I have actually met you and your family at Daves place when you came over to visit. I knew Dave for quite a few years dropping in most afternoons for a beer and a chat after work, as I lived just around the corner. Yes Dave did rarely drink and when he did it wasn’t beer and yes Agung bought the land but David financeed the construction and extended family may I add.
    he was actually due to attend my wedding, but unfortunately passed away days before.

  • mike


    I just wanted to say that I spent weekends at Neds hideaway for the entire year of 2006, and i couldnt have better things to say about the place, Agung, and the staff! I miss it a lot and would love to have a Bintang with the regulars who frequent Neds! Hi from Mike the Chiropractor!

  • Clark

    Is there any need to reserve a room for a few days before I make my way across the world to Bali? If so, is there any way to do that other than phone, such as email? Lastly, any info on sublets in the Seminyak are would be helpful as well, as I intend on staying several months. Please contact me at

  • harold dennis

    not for the past 4 years or so but for the previous 12 or so trips to Bali I stayed with Dave and Agung and felt that I was part of their family, in that, they treated me so well.A quite and friendly atmosphere , excellent food and beautifull people. Sad to learn of Daves passing and will be back there soon,I am sure that under Agung’s guidance , her son Adrian and his wife and family will maintain this place of friendship that is part of “Ned’s Hideaway” and Bali’s unique culture.

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